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  1. WHOMP WHOMP they credit dj screw and explain how his passing was a tradgedy so its not like its all disrespectful. calm down little diper face
  2. dont get mad, fatso. i love how everytime i say something on here some big meat head gets all huffy. "i decided i was going to make cookies" "MAN COOKIES ARE FUCKING GAY YOU BITCH, FUCK YOU. I HATE THIS, EVERY TIME SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT COOKIES I GET ALL RILED UP, FOR REAL. WHAT, FUCK."
  3. its hard to steal this one, or maybe i'm dumb, but you can chop and screw any song you want. and you can make chopped and screwed songs even slower. funnnggggggus. sorry if this already happened on here. http://www.screwlab.com
  4. Yabityabo


    the girl...one of the sisters is a legit actress, she was in kids/ american pshyco
  5. Yabityabo


    you tryin to fuck her dude? wanna fuck her dude?
  6. jack the tab av club
  7. hot shit alus render/alcept best of friends.
  8. you dont work you dont eat, you dont grind you dont shine, "you said that all before" i'ma say it one more time
  9. Yabityabo


    I wanna take a boxcutter to your face just for saying "hella" and Onyx in the same breath. Quoted post [/b] I AM AN E-THUG I AM AN E-THUG SORRY, I WONT SAY HELLA ON THE INTERNET ANYMORE, HO-MO I AM AN E-THUG E-GUNS
  10. - Using your moms food stamps to go across the street and buying little debbie snacks at the gas station - Smoking blunts with your older sister in a sewage drain -Getting caught racking 30+ some odd candy bars from the store when I was 8 - Shooting bottle rockets at crows -Stealing money from your friends friends grandma, not because you need it, but because you just don't like that fool. -expired plates with tinted plastic over them so nobody knows -faygo/dr chill -wearing plastic bags over your shoes when it rains out -eating fried chicken on your doorsteps - wiping your ass with a magazine becauase you dont even have any normal paper in your house, let alone toliet paper
  11. Yabityabo


    skrewdriver is fucking garbage, they are only famous because they make people mad, lame ass shit.
  12. Yabityabo


    Anybody else into onyx? Shit makes me want to shoot hella white people, they aren't racist i dont think, but I just want to shoot hella white people. Listen to that shit. HOLLERZ$ "dont make me open up your face with my orange box cutter"
  13. pistol packin never slackin bitch smackin killah
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