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  1. that glims is heat.good to see the homie back in the swing of things...
  2. the funk king high 5.killing it...
  3. i hate having to hear over the fucking internet another one of my friends is gone. ill hold all of the memories, love and respect i had for his family and the man himself close.
  4. glims outta no where. my boy hyzr getting down...
  5. Go watch some netball you women, being born with ovaries your sure to fit in better. Man up.
  6. Re: MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com bump the fuck outta my og breakster. jets still doin his thang...
  7. Re: MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com akuze and puzle.
  8. etsleazy fo sheazy. kerse. kwest.
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