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  1. i'm from one of the states listened at the beginning and i can tell you the south really does lack any really big amount of writers + a big majority of those who are writing aren't at all orginal, which is a huge problem. there's no need for it, really, i consider it training ground if anything else.............
  2. this are exactly the things ive been needed for a while... in order too. weird.
  3. as of now; leadbelly - alberta can - i want more velvet underground - i'm sticking with you son house - dead letter elvis costello - green shirt
  4. besides the obvious billie holiday references, you guys listen to shit music. i got three new cds yesterday, and as i normally dont like cds over other preferred formats, it was something of a rare event... miles davis - on the corner brian eno - here comes the warm jets and a cd-r with 20+ leadbelly songs
  5. makeoutclub is shit. is a place for windowlicking and facaded postureing. + its on the internet, which makes it so early-ninties. ive met people that are on there, so i know the deal. its lame, pointless, and otherwise stupid. go read a book, or something.
  6. r and r - i have decided, whole heartly, to cut off as much exposure to the american contemporary mainstream culture, and even has it has spread and blanketed much of the globe, leaving very little uncovered, i still find it degrading and too dumbed-down for my tastes. this includes modern cinema, modern literature, almost every form of mass communication (i.e television, the internet, periodicals), modern media and its unbiased reporting of current events, and modern-day political systems. this is neither placing me in a position of being labeled an 'anarchist' or any other phrase that denotes a appitude toward a certain thoughts or basis for ideas, as i will also remain apolitical, with the only politics being those of my mind and my daily ethics. so i will continue to sit in my room, vicitim of rural loneiness, listening to jazz records, read dyostsky and augustine and count the days down to my death. :confused:
  7. most of these bands mentioned are signed, be it to a major or indepent. if i was to name a couple of my friends band, who happen to still be in the out-in-the-garage level of their band you probably wouldnt have heard any music from them, as they are unsigned and very hard for people who enjoy their type of music to hear them. so being signed can be a good thing. it means wider audiences. somebody has to be buying, for it to sell out.
  8. ornette colemen phil ranelin miles davis 'st james infirmary' louis armstrong with cab calloway
  9. hey poppie..., want any dexerdrines? children_ofthegrave@yahoo.com
  10. the dizzyness and rainbow boogers are still there, trust me... as far as the sole modivation behind painting freights, who is really keeping tabs???? the medium shouldn't control or confine the message, as the message is still there in one form or another. and the message is the written word. as far as the validilty of those kids out there painting nothing but freights, who really cares beside some whining internet boy-toy... i don't.
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