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  1. yeah you got the hussein brothers.. sure they were cunts.. but i doubt you will sound so positive when the current hopes for a new controlled world where the third world is shackelled by the chains of cheap/slave labour for the multinational corperations that have the first world prisoners to the mental anguish created by forced vanity of misleading slogans and "lifestyle techniques" created by corperations. a society based on money and possession that is fuelled by people who earn less in one month that you pay for a burger is a reality. the world is no longer controlled by governments w
  2. WERK


    iv never even seen a 'year' sketch and i havnt been 'chompin' on anyones style so unless ya have got some constructive critisizm to give rather than "that looks like a upside down y" dont bother coz im certainly not bothered
  3. WERK


    a tags a tag no matter where it is the fact its illegal or legal has no effect whatsoever on the style
  4. WERK


    fuck yeh follow the white rabbit neo haha i like it
  5. ahah funny shit dai i remember one time i was with heepsa mates we had been drinking and painting all day.. we were all drunk and hungry so we decided to goto the finest pizza shop we could find and have a big feed . after devouring $180 (australian dollars) worth of pizza we somehow decided to leave without paying anyways halfway down the street i remembered i had left my bag at the place and being the fuckin slowcunt i am decided to make my drunken way back to try and get my bag i got back to the resturant and the people wouldnt give me back my bag so i decided to start yellin at t
  6. WERK

    story time

    i woulda been about a year ago i was up at my mates place havin a few drinks and we decided to go for a bomb there was this nice big billboard on the highway about a 50 min walk from him house so we decided that we would bomb on the way and do some simple shit on the billboards all was goin good as we were walkin there , it was in an area i hadnt been in before so i decided to get up as much as i could. after walking for ages and bombin every possible surfice along the way we got the the billboard. we stood round for a few minutes looking for a way to get up. round the back was som
  7. charactors are dope dont get me wrong but i think letters are the most important its what makes graffiti so individual..
  8. i think thats the great thing about bein a writer u can be a writer but still be whoever the fuck you want u can listen to punk music or hiphop or dethmetal and still be a fukn mad writer graffiti is and artform and a lifestyle not an image
  9. i been caught in the act 3 times and been caught possesing graffiti impliments about 4 the most i have ever got is a juvenile caution.. oh and i had to wash cop cars once
  10. WERK


    i used a kurecolour there good for sketchin , quite similar to copics u can get em from art shops
  11. fuck yeh ! im definently feelin that!
  12. WERK


    i was thinkin it would be a good idea to chek out some hand styles here so post up people.. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/WERK/werk%20handstyles1.jpg'>
  13. WERK

    Revolting Magazine

    any chance you could get one out to australia.. shiping at my expence ofcoarse
  14. thats some fukn cool shit dropone
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