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  1. http://www.loobylu.com/goods/shopping/images/umbrella.jpg'>
  2. this flick is in tony hawks pro skater 3 http://artcrimes.com/sew/sew3.jpg'>
  3. good question anyone know what msk stands for?
  4. koala


    http://www.tarestyles.com/images/rime47.jpg'> if you live by jersey city and know were this bomb is look around above it on the buildings you'll see a nice ass revs + hope roller
  5. that reko's is coolio :king:
  6. training camp http://www.klab.caltech.edu/~koch/christof-climbing-SEP-01.jpg'>
  7. koala

    Bridge Fun

  8. ? what do you mean, like people selling homemade markers?
  9. koala

    hjg yo

    Asia Correra nah thats not a asia picture thats hjg standing by his wall idiots :mad:
  10. koala


    jersey city i saw some dope jenius roller and a dope hope/revs roller in j.c.
  11. <- skull i like this kinda stuff :crazy:
  12. + on the run's arn't that fun, i'de rather make my own :)!!!
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