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  1. Asian Style Pork and Noodle Soup Whole Red Snapper in Spicy Tomato Sauce
  2. Dear Thread, Footnotes. I does not feel like reading. IOU
  3. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Thanks Pro... Industrial area in East Los Angeles.
  4. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    On my way to Macarthur Park. Setting.. Dub Club doing it in the park. Reggae in case you're wondering. Same place I saw Metalachi.. L.A. has tons of free stuff to do in the summer.. Just part of a mural I stumbled on from the 90s.. The End..
  5. Updated: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138376&page=20
  6. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Some of the coolest mural works I've seen the last couple of years have been at gas stations.
  7. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Poor little guy. Tough as nails I bet. Fucking dope.
  8. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    East Los Angeles Cemetery. Downtown Los Angeles Alley The amount of Virgin Mary themes for murals is mind boggling. Mostly done to fend off gang graffiti. Its about the only thing they won't touch.
  9. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Some randoms: RIP Azur
  10. Please refrain from limiting people who may be at different stages and inspirations.
  11. I say do it. I'm sure she is fairly aware of her dwindling time. Do it while she is still fit to travel as well.. On a related note: My formers neighbors(three 20 something guys) went on to the Price Is Right.. Got on and one of them won the fucking showcase, the good one.. Fuckers came up, but not enough cuz they got evicted just recently. Cool story bro...
  12. Thanks Protester.. I ain't really a beast in the kitchen.. I'm just somewhat decent at following instructions and mind you.. I didn't start cooking until my 30s(yes old).. And I started with Hamburger Helper... The thing I need to work on is straight up freestyle cooking.. I have troubles straying from recipes... But its getting there. So you new jacks.. Just fucking start as mad simple as you can.. And here are some flicks: Ground beef Mexican style salad.. Salmon with a ginger mustard sauce and a watermelon cucumber salad with lemon juice.. Okay so here my own dish type deal.. Using a braising method from another recipe, I made Chicken Thigh and Potato braised in a Tomatillo Chipotle Roasted Sauce.. This was damn good and pretty fucking simple..
  13. Turkey Burger. With Siracha Mayo, Hoison and pickled veggies
  14. IOU_TOO

    how the fuck?

    Beer Shits, keeping it trashy since 2006...
  15. Dear IOU, It is not too early to start drinking. IOUdrinkydrank
  16. IOU_TOO


    https://soundcloud.com/petesoundsnice/martian-soul-music Melodic house and techno.
  17. Dear Friday, You could have better, but you were enough to inspire. IOU
  18. Why do I feel like Kemp is on roids? Isn't getting the type of injuries he's had this year and last a possible side effect of roids?
  19. Dear Tonight, Be awesome. IOU
  20. All hail the mighty duck.
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