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  1. Everything on this page is sick, but something about Totem's work is just on the next step type ish...
  2. Some dope hand styles on this page..
  3. I haven't heard a good thing about his spots either, but I've to three or four of his recommends from triple d and those joints were good.
  4. I saw something like that on Triple D the other night... Thanks MC... Its supposed to be ricotta, but you gotta make due..
  5. Veggie sammich... Sauteed Peppers and onions. Turnip greens, creamy horseradish sauce and quick pickled cucumbers.. I have discovered pickling... My life is changed.. Last two shots are for the Protest...
  6. "Italian" style French Toast... Filling is cottage cheese and honey.. Real maple syrup... And fruit.. Sometimes I step up... Oh yeah.. Cinnamon..
  7. Congrats to you and yours. BTW, hope you like titty fucking cuz that hole will never be the same... :)
  8. Dear Veggies, Thanks for all the extra meat... /nohomo. IOUisnotpayingyouback BTW, just got a veggie cookbook to help balance out the amount of damage I do to myself...
  9. Breakfast in general is something overlooked cuz you usually don't have as much time, but when its on point... Whewwwww..... My moms used to be a short order cook back in the day, so her egg/breakfast game is on fucking point. I have a few years to go.. At least.
  10. LMAO!! Our idea of romance was a little twisted.
  11. So 12oz Prophet sends mods to the middle east for training?
  12. Travel thread for the win... You can never go wrong with Reader flicks..
  13. Since I ain't gotta worry about a fallout from posting this... Here we go... So my ex goes to work and I stay chilling at her house.. Waiting for her oldest daughter to bounce and have the house to myself.. She finally leaves to wherever... I decided to surprise my girl with a gift when she got back home from work.. A load in a pair of her panties, cuz we were romantic like that.. So I timed everything so it would be a fresh batch, go through her draw and find the right pair... Fill them up and with a sense of pride tell her I got something for her... Hold up the panties and she yells at me: What the fuck are you doing with my daughters panties? Yeah... She didn't trip, but that fucked my shit up... I couldn't even make eye contact with daughter for a couple of days..
  14. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    So Saturday night I went to check out one of my favorite producers of the oontz music... Tornado Wallace.. I know dude can DJ, but had no idea he was this good.. Straight up warehouse blaster beats.. Relentless... Just kept building his set..
  15. Dear Mothers Who Didn't Abort Their Babies, Its your day.. One day of the year, which will probably suck, because your kids probably suck and the shitty father you chose for them probably sucks as well. That is all... IOU
  16. Dear 12oz, How is IOU not a mod? Oh yeah, cuz be drunk most of my life... Wait, where am I? YOU..
  17. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138376&page=18 Minor update...
  18. Haha... when I get a better looking wares and surrounding kitchen...
  19. MC: Chilin Con Carne Dog... I'm definitely refining my Chili recipe.. Just needs more heat, but it also depends on who I make it for... RED: Funny thing is, I just really started my egg game this year.. Such a mother fucker.. So simple to do, hard to master..
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