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  1. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    I definitely got a thing for neon...
  2. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Eleventh inning walk off home run:) Chavez Ravine Sunset.. 818
  3. Any difference/change/evolution in style no matter the years is all good. Respect.
  4. Some crazy good talent on here.
  5. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Do it Protester.. Believe me it will change how you at and experience your environment.. I think for the better.. Local loco..
  6. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Thanks. Its much appreciated. Gotta say it was 12oz that made me start flicking more than graffiti and that was definitely a good thing.. Kind of made me look at my surroundings with a lot more curiosity.. Hopefully I come back with some better updates... 818 Sunsetting... DTLA The incredibly rare shot of a human by IOU.. .done purposely..
  7. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Got paid $150 for that flick in the mag.
  8. Definitely a favorite... Bash LOD SH WNT DFB There was a yard in the Frogtown part of L.A. You either knew it at as the 2 Yard or the Slaughter House which was the crew that mostly ran it. Over the years of going there I saw Bash evolve.. Crazy to see that kind of progress and growth at one particular spot. When the buff real heavy, dude went back to mad simple letters.. Wasn't worth the time or paint for anything else.. Bonus flicks: Early 90s at least. Not sure what parts he did, but dope that its still around.
  9. NY Times is still relevant? Hacking something that in the end is just an inconvenience for people who still get their news from a media outlet that never served its people.... Meh..
  10. Atome is dope. Remember first seeing his stuff in Flashbacks if I remember correctly... I had done this thread before, but it lost. I wanna some Swet and Kasino joints.. Dare TWS as well...
  11. This cold you speak of... I thought it was only a rumor started by people who don't live in Los Angeles..
  12. Yearz killing the game.. Walid: I had a homie who would go through nature photo type mags and just do outlines over certain flicks to get inspiration for letters and fills.. Wish dude would have kept those initial sketches..
  13. Fuct 2006 Fucte 2010 Now..
  14. This is now.. Saber 'round '94 or so.. Two Thousand Something... Pysa 2001 Same spot 2007 Use Esk 31.. Mid to late 90s... Use..
  15. Is goot... Sweeter and more flavor, less heat..
  16. IOU_TOO

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Sums up my Friday night, Saturday morning almost perfectly.
  17. There is some fucked up shit in there.
  18. Dear Morton, I found out via 12oz.. The news feed thing.. IOU
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