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Everything posted by fishsticks

  1. Brady looked like he was gunna cry in that post game conference. Haha
  2. Talking about like shows to see? Clubs? Music? or just anything? I live in Vegas and I personally hate the strip, clubs, and pools and shit. I recommend going downtown LV by Freemont, it's starting to come together with a lot of really good bars. CommonWealth, The Griffin, Beauty Bar, Downtown Cocktail Room, Atomic, Gold Spike. (Except "Insert Coin(s)", that bar is full of a dudes playing arcade games) Only clubs I recommend is Surrender, or Marquee. Those usually have the least amount of mohawk, Affliction shirt wearing, tribal sleeve douche bags. As far as shows, any Cirque show is good. Zumanity was my favorite (I still need to see Beatles Love)
  3. True. TPBM has beef with more than one 12oz user.
  4. Definitely impressed with my Eagles last night. Only disappointment was that lateral being returned for a 'skins TD. We just gotta keep feeding McCoy the ball.
  5. DTTN that tries to play double dutch with his homies
  6. DTTN to find out how much licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
  7. I'm digging those cranks, what brand?
  8. DTTN that grows up with the internet.
  9. DTTN that put up glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling.
  10. I try and do a cup of Earl Grey tea every day.
  11. DTTN that eats fries with a fork
  12. Drake the kind of nigga who looks up souffé recipes in his spare time.
  13. Fucking beat thread. Keep the flicks coming!
  14. True. TPBM doesn't understand why people watch NASCAR.
  15. False. You totally showed me by calling me a faggot br0. TPBM thinks massgraff needs to get over it.
  16. False. My explanation would be too racist. TPBM agrees with me and will provide a good explanation.
  17. I need a website to watch the new season online.
  18. this was hands down the worst worlds track ever built. But Caroline is a beast.
  19. I was definitely disappointed in DK for going that route too. Their technology has definitely stepped up as far as race frames (sorry for all the race talk). It is an impressive frame and should come as a complete. Side note, anyone on the west coast here ride trails, park, race, or just cruise? I'm trying to plan a little west coast riding tour for a couple weeks.
  20. Shitty Folgers coffee...wondering why I even still buy it.
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