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  1. I agree, I'm not trying to belittle the situation, but I think a foreign attack would've gone for something much bigger than a marathon. My friend in Boston said they are pulling ball bearings out of people? I guess the bombs were made to propel shrapnel. Anyone know if a suspect is in custody? Edit :I didn't see redeyedanimal's post about the ball bearings.
  2. true? I don't watch that show but it sounds like it. TPBM has a a drug addiction.
  3. Krieger FTW. Diversity Hire is still my favorite episode.
  4. Everytime I come in it's dead. BTW where the fuck is pada, inj, EON, and twinky?
  5. Watching 30 Minutes or Less and trying to find xanax, br0
  7. Discussing anabolic steroids with a close friend who uses them. And getting talked into 'roiding.
  8. anyone got a pill connect? PM me.
  9. The Tao of WU by RZA, for the second time.
  10. True, going the opposite way never made sense to me. TPBM is excited for football season to start.
  11. No amazing pictures, nothing spectacular, but chill day nonetheless Started my much needed day off with some coffee, and browsing my usual sites. (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Craigslist and 12) Couple hours later, hit up some BMX trails to get my shred on, Throwin the little style that i have for the camera, drove across town to a skatepark to continue riding, Hardrock pool with some friends to enjoy the Vegas sun. test drove a friends S2000 checked the mail... cooked some dinner, steak, rice, and some home made bread. watched my Angels lose a game they should've won, drove to the gas station to pick up some smokes, enjoyed some old Missy Elliot, chain smoked, \\ and goodnight 12oz.
  12. http://vimeo.com/volumedemolition/krisfox
  13. Playing "Bitch Please II" off The Mashall Mathers LP, car hunting, drinking my coffee and trying to figure who to bet on for the baseball games tonight.
  14. Sam Willoughby is stupid fast. But I'm pulling for my hometown friend Connor Fields to pull the win out at the Olympics, though.
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