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Everything posted by fishsticks

  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: hella propped.
  2. Eres with that fire! and that trixer.
  3. By all means, come here do some pieces, I'm sure we would all LOVE to see it. Don't down our city.
  4. Fectoe, that swoel disr joint, that old ass help bomb, and Tbag
  5. Drawing in SM's black book in my math 119 class.
  6. Can this thread get shut down already?
  7. Tumblr, coffee, oontz, and playing Nightmare my Tyler the Creator.
  8. There needs to be a self promo thread.
  9. ...that's only about the 300,000th time I've heard that.
  10. The fact that you play the skin flute is irrelevant.
  11. I don't really wanna know anyone in SD for the fact that I don't go there? So I don't know see the point in your remark.
  12. Hi boats and hoes. I iz trollin your threadz
  13. Bump the flicks from dead2thisworld. and MK ULTRA
  14. I just tried something, I drilled out the centers or the female caps that come stock on rustos, regular, and the 2x. I drilled with a very small drill bit, and very lightly, and made the hole wider. I've done it on 4 caps already, only messed up one. But this is only to make it a blaster type cap. One of my caps is spraying about the size of an astro (waste of paint yeah I know) But I figured this could be helpful to anyone that wants to catch big ass tags.
  15. Got that take 'em and rape 'em joint crackin.
  16. This thread makes me want to create a juggalo genocide.
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