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  1. Dear ex-girlfriend, Please leave me alone, and stop texting me asking how many sluts I've fucked since we broke up, just know that it's about to hit double digits. fuck you, -fish.
  2. Listening to ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y52rcSM8FYY
  3. I enjoyed the OFWGKTA and Chris Brown beef that happened on Twitter today. Frank Ocean made me lol.
  4. You must be a subliminal homo.
  5. Listening to 1980 by Dirt Nasty, and browsing the interwebs.
  6. Dear girlfriend, Please become my ex soon, I have other women to dick down. For real though, Fishstix
  7. Every graff piece must contain atleast 9 arrows.
  8. You mean how did it get smaller.
  9. Not really a theory, but I hate ravers, and e-tards.
  10. Wanting to smash vulcans ex girlfriend...
  11. thank you. Please tell me you banned that fucker.
  12. Dear local sluts, Where are you? -fishsticks
  13. Smxxl is indeed a woman, probably the nicest/humble one I've met. And yeah watch out for the death ray from city center, I guess it's at a certain time of day if the sun hits it right, there is a huge beam of light that can burn the shit outta people. That's a drastic thumb nail too btw.
  14. Red Rock is also a pretty cool spot. There is also like a Mobsters wax museum thing that our mayor put up or something, I don't know if you'd dig that, like into history and shit like that. For shopping you can also go to Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. But yeah First Friday is always cool, or you can check out Vegas StrEATS, the second weekend of every month right COSMOGRAMMA? We have been gettin shit crackin there lately. For a bomb breakfast check out Hash House A-Go-Go. Congrats on the marriage, and you should post up pics after your visit.
  15. Tryin to get the slam piece over to the crib so I can destroy shit.
  16. Yeah the pools are fun if you're into that shit, the sky bar at hard rock is dope, the pool at the aria in city center is dope too.
  17. What're you mostly trying to do? See sights? shop? get grub?
  18. Townsquare is pretty chill, there is a place called Kabuki there, good sushi if you're down with that. If you're interested in shows, mystere is dope, most of the shows on the strip are dope, except the Criss Angel bullshit.
  19. Velcan died. :o But I'm live there as well.
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