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  1. Not sure what you mean by "this" but I do need to get my life going and make shit happen, so True. TPBM wishes they could eat healthier.
  2. It's just slightly changing the circumference without messing with any of the teeth. It's not .9 of a tooth, it's just less space between each of the teeth if that makes sense? I can't even really explain it other than that, because I still don't even understand it completely. All I know is it's a little easier than a 44/16 and my team manager suggested it was what was best for me. Haha
  3. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Inappropriate_Responder again.
  4. Too much fine tuning, it was ridiculous when I was younger lol, looking for the lightest parts possible. Carbon fiber everything with special scandium metal frames.
  5. It's decimal gearing that pretty much let's you create any gear ratio possible. You can make any gear ratio slightly harder or easier depending on your needs for the track. Changing your gearing by fractions of a tooth is now possible. I kinda thought it was bullshit until I used it.
  6. I have a Rennen decimal gear on the front. it's a 43.9 sprocket. with a 16t cog in the back. i used to a ride a 44/16 with 175mm cranks, now it's a 43.9/16 on 177.5 cranks and the spin I get now feels awesome.
  7. Only picture I have of my new race ride. 21.5 Haro Blackout
  8. False. TPBM has shit their pants in the past year.
  9. Didn't grow up with this internet shit.
  10. Some place here in town called Bachi Burger...weird vegan burger place in Vegas.
  11. The top one. It's similar to my race frame. I got the Stay Strong Gt pro series. Best frame i've owned.
  12. False. TPBM has never heard of me on this website.
  13. True. That person below me is a functioning alcoholic.
  14. False. Never had it. TPBM has at least 3 girls that they regret fucking.
  15. Not a real thread without wall of red text "HAHAHAHAHAH"
  16. Re: Is the Wii U Dying Before its Begun? Didn't read.
  17. No One Gets Out of Here alive. Biography about Jim Morrisson.
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