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  1. Anyone know whatever happened to Twinky The Kid? Dude was hilarious on Tinychat.
  2. I have a friend who uses Tinder and Badoo, constantly smashing wimmenz.
  3. My nigga Hercules. Pitbull/english bulldog.
  4. Absolutely. TPBM has been a 12oz member for more than 5 years.
  5. Wheybolic 60 before bed, but my go to protein is always Isopure, it is pricey but great with water. Creature creatine by Beast Nutrition has shown me great results and I never needed to go through like a preloading phase. And since I'll be cutting soon and hate majority of thermogenics on the market I'm gunna do 3 weeks on, 2 off of Clenbuterol to lean out,
  6. I really needed the Redskins to win yesterday, but oh well. Philly and Big D in Jerry World on SNF should be epic.
  7. Hoping my Birds can put a hurtin' on RG3 today. Also looking forward to the Bronco/Chiefs game. Should be interesting. It's cool to see Andy Reid succeed .
  8. Eagles need to keep Foles at starter. Even though I'm a fan of Vick, I'm ready for his departure.
  9. :lol: :lol: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to TheoHuxtable.. again.
  10. DTTN to text his niggas in the morning with "Wake up sleepy head"
  11. Wow, Chargers aren't playin around this year. Phillip Rivers looks like a totally different QB.
  12. DTTN that dots his i's with hearts
  13. Drake the type of nigga to watch his girl's purse while she dance with another nigga
  14. Re: Body Building Tips Sus250, Tren, and Clen. br0.
  15. DTTN to wave with two hands at other niggas
  16. what a terrible way to end it.
  17. Who's taking it tonight? PHI vs KC. I say 27-20 Philly.
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