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  1. good stuff so far from everyone.. 1. Completed new years resolution: FAIL... but here's something. 2. Weather: 3. Breakfast,lunch, or dinner: used this in the day in pies, but it fits. 4.Everyday: 5. Camera: 6. Motion: 7. Gold:
  2. sitting at my desk - "working" sip'n my second cup o coffee for the morning. wishing it was 5pm already cause i'm look'n forward to some sushi, saki, and sex later with the female.
  3. Re: i can't find the cars thread so i'm making a ute thread also http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/search.php?searchid=4234032
  4. Re: i can't find the cars thread so i'm making a ute thread http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128974&page=91&highlight=cars wow, that took about 2 seconds.. search function. do you use it?
  5. girlface an i went to the botanical garden last weekend. morning crack destination bonsai crazy ass roots girl caught me take'n pics of purdy flahwers amazing 100 year old cactus fountain room cold fish bright leaves you no walk here grabbed some foodz messed with the dee oh gee then everyone passed out END
  6. exciting friday night.. interweb'n. watching "shark tank" on nbc. my girl's sitting on the couch doing her math homework. aaaand the pizza guy just called announcing he's downstairs... bout to watch a movie..
  7. I apologize for the wall of text. skip to cliff notes if desired. after high school i worked at the mall for a national shoe chain that requires their employees look like fucking sports officials.. hated how i had to dress and dealing with customers, but the mall chicks i pulled, the discounts on kicks, the new pairs of shoes that accidentally got thrown out at night with the garbage (and later picked up on the way to my car when i got off), the extra doe i would make selling said discarded shoes to my homies at the time and being able to be completely stoned off my ass all the time and no one giving a shit, all made working there bearable/fun.. anyways, so one of my especially dirty homies decides he can print his own money.. smart move for sure! so we're chillen one day that i wasn't working and decide we're gonna hit up the mall and buy some shit.. he's spending his funny money, i'm spending considerably less real money.. I think i bought a new hoodie or some shit at one place and a pair of jeans at another.. Dude buys: 3 pairs of kicks (one of the pairs being at my place of employement), a few pairs of jeans, a new watch that was like $400, leather jacket, i donno, a bunch of dumb shit.. Next shift at the job on my way in i notice two suits, one female an a dude.. they kinda stare at me while i'm walking up to the shop like they recognized me. my spidey sense went off. i walk into work and into the back area where the employee bath room is and as i'm walking back the manager is like "hey 'Tfb', there's a couple of people here to talk to you". aand in walk the suits. they introduce themselves as AGENT fuckface and AGENT smallballs from the mother fucking SECRET SERVICE.. Cool! They try to interrogate me in the managers office saying they had my friend in custody an that he had already snitched on me telling them i made and was the one spending the fake cash. *cough* *bullshit*... well kinda. they did have dude in custody, but he def wasn't snitch'n or trying to put shit on me. that's just not the kinda cat he was. I deny knowing anything about anything and that whatever dude said was untrue and that i had no clue what they were talking about. they searched my wallet, book bag, patted me down whatever. find nothing.. i was living with my girlfriend at her dads house (he was cool, didn't give a fuck about us blazing and drinking, would buy anything you'd write on the grocery list) so i had no known address. my boy wasn't so lucky. they had a warrant and were searching his apartment while questioning me. needless to say they found enough evidence plus extra dirt on my homie to let me walk out and work the remaining hour and a half of my shift.. I talked to dude the next day via collect call from jail an he said he never said any of that shit.. which, i already knew.. he ended up doing some time.. he's out now and owns a tat shop here and one down south. still bullshit with him on occasion. oh, and i quite that job about a year later because the new assistant manager was a douche.. CLIFF NOTE: i worked a shoe store at the mall(which was awesome). homie spends crazy fake money while at the mall. secret service show up at my job and interrogate me. they say homie snitched *bullshit*. i deny/had no known address. they had warrant for homies crib and find evidence. he goes to jail, i walk. he's still my homie an is doing well.
  8. still sit'n in my jammies, fuck a shower today.. smoking a bowl waiting for my girl to get home with the brews. listening to the misfits box set. interwebing. thinking about editing all the pics i took yesterday... where the fucks my beer at?? girlface is take'n way too long...
  9. "working" thinking about what the fuck i wanna eat for lunch. wishing it was 5pm already..
  10. ^that's a shitty feeling.. working. sip'n coffee. listening to some king tubby. interweb'n.
  11. Re: What is the best part of your day? / Beer in the shower appreciation thread...(post pi 5pm = best part of day monday through friday. 5pm on Friday = Best part of my week. 5:15ish on Friday with cold beer in one hand and a packed bowl in the other sitting on my couch = BEST
  12. school got me a job that pays about 2 1/2 times minimum wage to be a slacker and fuck off on the interweb all day.. GO SCHOOL! read a book read a book read a motherfuck'n book!!
  13. editing pics.. drinking beers. waiting to hear back from green supply. listening to: misfits, static age,
  14. GOOD THREAD is GOOD. i saw this and really want to build it.
  15. Good stuff! i could def see myself spending hours/days/alottatime looking at all that shit..
  16. If it was up to me: I'd stay home with girlface, drink the better half of a bottle of jamison, smoke my herbals and watch the fireworks downtown from my deck, then heckle the drunks across the street from my living room windows.. instead: I'll be at some bar or warehouse party getting shit faced around people i could care less about for the most part and even more people i'd rather not ever see again in my life, being annoyed at the fact i'm even out and dealing with these douches.... love you sweetie....
  17. $500 christmas bonus check from boss. memory foam bed top thing from mom. skate decks and a coat from dad. forever lazy from little brother. new sheets, bacon rug, bacon pillow from sister. new flannel shirts + new era cap from girl. spoiledbratoner
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