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  1. I'm down with that, I like gray hair. Maybe that will be motivation for me to stop drinking.
  2. a swel bench as usual. 12oz shoutout haha
  3. This is so me. Still get down on things like that about my ex which is 2 years ago now. Can't even pass her street without it getting me all bummed out. Just one thing of many. I've also been having hair loss. I know the booze and stress combo did that too. Had the thickest hair ever, and I know that alchohol and not taking care of myself played a huge part in that,
  4. it has. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BZ9AWK/?tag=047-20
  5. http://time.com/3308861/digiorno-social-media-pizza/ they done goofed.
  6. either she's in a cult, or that is part of a halloween witch costume.
  7. all about gourmet pokemon burgers, wild caught and not farmed. I sang happy birthday to customers at a mexican restaurant. we brought out this guitar off the wall with 3 missing strings, broke out the sombreros' and said OLE!!! and Feliz Cumpleanos!!! it was actually fun, and borderline racist. Now if I was doing it at applebee's or johnny rockets, i would loathe my existance. shit is embarassing.
  8. there's a bar here that got 10 or so pizzas every day, and was free to customers. General rule was like 2 slices, don't bogart. no more though... they used to have a used porno grab bag/swap as well, so take it for what it is. I would never even want to touch it, nevermind how embarassing that would be. also no need, because top quality porn is is streaming everywhere.
  9. would order chinese food and watch netflix with.
  10. had a pizza at around 10:30, I couldn't wait. Could carry on the celebration today with a few slices though.
  11. everyone cheated in 7up. they're all looking at your shoes.
  12. mondo cane? haha this was probably my best post ever.
  13. Daoist, what a goober. even has DAO in the name, coincidence? don't be a TPWF.
  14. I know that struggle, it's weird. But no matter who you hang around, just be around positive people who make you happy, that's all that matters. just aim for being content, life's a journey, not a goal.
  15. dat siq ink can't wait to see KIR's photos from this.
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