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  1. rode by shitty geno's earlier. people that stand in a long ass line all the way out in the street and taking pictures of the vegas style sign and pay for overpriced racist steaks..nonsense.
  2. dude, yeah that abandoned train station is magnificent. Y U NO PAINT DEM?
  3. Re: Slept on Northeaster - DYRECT YEP! Dude is the real deal, one of my favs.
  4. yeah feels good not wearing undies sometimes. boxer briefs are my favorite, best of both worlds. need to pick up a pack of slightly irregular 3 packs at the ghetto store soon.
  5. I'm from Jersey, and never been. Seen em all over the country though. saw an article that said pizza hut has been losing hard to the competition. always liked their plain breadsticks though.delicious snack.
  6. when it's on, but don't go out of my way really. tpbm agrees steve harvey is the best family feud host.
  7. Re: random thoughts ^true that. how does it seem that all girls have boyfriends, but not all boys have girlfriends? population ratio?
  8. work shirt and hat. This girl I like passed me the other day on the street riding down, and saw me in my work getup, I felt like such a dorkus malorkus.
  9. quote says "freya warhol dickme fuckme" hahah
  10. aka big sleazy. they're probably all too big. sorry in advance. :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: \
  11. Re: Corn in Ass On Wheels livin la vida loca!
  12. I lived in phx for a bit. super hard to find a good slice. People would dip theirs in ranch dressing for flavor, it was that bad. I remember Oregeno's and NY pizza dept. being ok. sometimes Z pizza, but not always. Peter Piper was the worst. bootleg ass chucky cheese.
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