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  1. mdmone

    Your Art Thread

    run the jewels/laythatink
  2. mdmone

    go fuck yourself, syria

    Whats your source for believing what you believe? You want to listen to the news? be my guest, but just remember that in 200 and 7? I believe it was, that fox intertainment, on behalf of fox news, an asset owned by general electric, the 2010 13th highest grossing us defence contract, apealed a supreme court rulling against "false advertising" that would ultimately end in ledigation granting news media the right to depict fiction knowingly as news and to force journalists under contract to depict fiction as truth. So, no I dont believe it. The same way people like you pretend that oliver north and 8 other high ranking military officialls were never convicted of treason, for using military funds and recources to creat a cocaine smuggeling ring, bringing it into the us at the exact same time that ronald reagan created the "war on drugs", a war arguably not meant to ever end. "war on drugs"...."war on terror"....hmmm sound fucking familiar. Believe what you want
  3. mdmone

    go fuck yourself, syria

    Am I? Cus from the outside looking in everyone that believes in an Islamic threat to the free world is a fucking idiot. Theres no Isis, just a bunch of people willing to give up rights for non specific faceless threat.
  4. mdmone

    BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF Official Thread.

    fuck beef, conflict for dinner
  5. mdmone

    the NEW sketch thread

    Decent waist of time
  6. Or more. Like maybe $20 bucks... Shit if there was a fundraiser like those "fund me" "Kickstarter" things on the web I'd be willing to throw down like 40 bucks towards it. Anyone else have thoughts on this? how much could it possibly cost to get some internet nerd to just make the website into some sorta Facebook-esk app that gives you alerts on threads and messages and shit. I'd cream my panties for that sorta thing.
  7. mdmone

    go fuck yourself, syria

    Isis isn't real... y'all are fucking dumb. Its false flag shit. Both "AQ" and Isis are completely manufactured threats. Its 1984 fool:)
  8. mdmone


    Mdmone clvrone "all organic produce"
  9. mdmone

    Burners and Style!

    hey yerz did you make the blue photoshop one? thats pretty dope. I like the top one too. zoom in on that character in the nikes. the contrast between the hard white/pink and his dark clothes make that shit pop hard. i like it.