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  1. why is she holding ice? is this the nonsense thread now?
  2. that one time i couldn't hold it and had to poop on the street in between 2 cars. that was 2 days ago,annnnd another time a month ago. when you gotta go, you gotta go...
  3. I would eat both of them as well. Then I felt the shame.
  4. I have to give it to stouffer's frozen french bread pizza when put in the toaster oven. surprisingly good.
  5. this ruins my childhood. they look so terrible.
  6. been on a spinach pizza kick. been eating pizza at least 3 times a week, my tolerance is high. I could train for a competitive pizza eating title. hopefully the prize is a year supply of free pizza.
  7. i wonder how many designer fedora's this kid owned?
  8. trying to watch this, made it most of the first season before I lost interest. definitely some cool ideas, and i liked how the guy was trying to solve the crime through dreams and gut feelings, but it kind of waned a bit. might watch more, but i'm not that invested anymore. interesting but overhyped.
  9. heather lewis


    I'd go to yahoo answers for the most concise answers and best advice.
  10. i don't like change. i wish it would stay this way forever.
  11. pet posting pets. too much sense.
  12. It's futurama fry the delivery boy that's getting screwed over in that deal. they'll deliver anywhere, but the person ordering doesn't think about how far it is, and tips shitty. ACAB - All Customers Are Bastards why is the cheese orange? Is that cheddar?
  13. CUM join your boi JIZ......NO THANKS. WELP....that's one way to gain diplomatic immunity..........
  14. Happy anniversary INJ! Seriously a red letter day, and a milestone that you should feel good about, because it is not an easy task, and a year is a long time. Think about how much your liver has regenerated. Props. I made it a week without a drink. It is pretty eye-opening how productive I was when I wasn't wasting so much time drinking and being hungover, as well as money lost at the bar. I got errands done. I made a to-do list, and was able to cross half of them off, which is a lot when procrastination is easy. Yesterday I even started thinking about the future a little bit, about who I am, what I'm good at, and how I can try to use that to find a job that I actually won't hate every day. Even if my streak ends, these moments of clarity give me hope that I am capable of starting again, and finding something better for myself, which will hopefully lead to less desire to drink to fill the un-fulfillment. baby steps, but good to get the gears in motion. Hope you all are taking time to enjoy the weather, and appreciate the simple things you do during the day naturally.
  15. 2nd is the best one! I'd only exclude the second from the right in this group.
  16. damn, they have coffee in this show? Shit is wild.
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