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heather lewis

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  1. heather lewis


  2. heather lewis

    The Nonsense thread

  3. heather lewis

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    not a fan of this doritos mixed with things. Taco bell does it with everything, not feeling it at all.
  4. heather lewis

    P I T T S B U R G H

    nice set sizes. haha ballet lessons. and on the last page tea has a quote from the song in the parking lot movie. good call.
  5. heather lewis

    The fast food award thread..

  6. heather lewis

    White Dude Appreciation Thread...

    ^ micropenis not pictured. that's why that guy was so angry.
  7. heather lewis

    White Dude Appreciation Thread...

  8. heather lewis

    White Dude Appreciation Thread...

  9. heather lewis

    Fuck you Salinger

    i get the significance of catcher in the rye, but i can only read the words "goddamn phony" so many times. The documentary on him is pretty interesing, dude was a total weirdo. his stories were set to be released in 2015 anywhere. I might read them out of curiosity, but i'm whatever about it.
  10. heather lewis

    Passaround Blackbook

    can't wait to see the flicks.
  11. heather lewis

    P's & Q's

  12. heather lewis

    The fast food award thread..

    that burger looks good. Only I don't fuck with fast food bacon. I only eat bacon that's super beyond crispy. ever see what subway calls bacon? looks not even cooked and slimy as hell. no thanks.
  13. heather lewis

    The fast food award thread..

    you can do it, i believe in you. The McDonald's mozzarella sticks are decent. Wish they had one or two more, but not bad for a dollar. The marinara had a lil kick to it. I've had raising Caine's in Louisiana. not bad. in n out has good burgers, it's their fries that suck. you know you're in the ghetto when you see a checkers.
  14. heather lewis

    P's & Q's

    ^ he does that purposely.