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  1. He also knew for a fact that she had huge boobs and fake id
  2. Plainview never had much to begin with. There Will Be Blood <--Much stronger character and cinematography if you ask me, sorry.
  3. VICE magazine on the ukhc tip http://noisey.vice.com/blog/the-best-of-ugly-uk-hardcore
  4. Both of your graffitos don't look good to me at all not graffiti, but still
  5. If the The Wire didn't win a single emmy, it means everyone at Breaking Bad should be ashamed for winning several.
  6. Yeah I vaguely remember those fingertip monsters
  7. -Hank will confront Walt face to face -Both moonwalk away while mad dogging each other -Battle moves -Drama
  8. Hank is not gonna change sides or bitch out and die UNLESS he slips all his cards to Walt and let him get that manipulation psyche destruction thing going on. But Hank becoming a little bitch for the whole season would be less intense than a real face off between the two. A person in that situation (majestically fucked over) can either act or react. Rage is an option, as is total catatonic dismissal of all emotions. Both would make it obvious that he found out. Instead, as happens often in movies, Hank might go to full Player mode, walk back to the pool like nothing happened and eventually drive back home to plan the next step without a flinch, retaining the element of surprize for himself. (relative surprize, as walt most def knows precisely what to say and how to act if Hank confronts him man to man, not as a DEA official) Maybe Hank could arrest Skyler. Someone is most likely going to get all the money she's stashed.
  9. Mommy had a home office shit was "integrated"
  10. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed I've been saying this, the photo sections, specially brick slayers and metal heads are going to be some treasure shit in +20 years. As in this cultural heritage sense. If graffiti painting ever dies and/or becomes even remotely an interesting phenomenon for ppl outside the scene, it's going to be not among art isms but social sciences/historians. So I really hope this thing is kept on some hard drive even if it goes offline. Even if it collects dust just so some dumbass researchers can get hardons over freight train graffiti in 2057 and make conclusions about stuff. Write history naah meene
  11. Only way Walt is gonna die is the fucking cancer. mark my words
  12. That's not a very nice thing to. Scribble graffitto all over a girls bum like that.
  14. I was thinking Jesse and Skyler would leave in either mutual understanding or emergency, probably both. But I forgot your point about Jesse's reaction about Mike's murder. It's going to change stuff. They may even turn into snitches. But somehow I always imagined the last episode would have Jesse and/or Walt in orange overalls and cell doors banging. For Walt it would definitely be worse than death.
  16. Walt fondling that keylogger in his hand till the last seconds was some goofy shit! I bet that was improvised at the shoot... Next up Todd's uncle's jail contacts kill all jail people Todd kills Lydia and snitch lawyer Hank's all butt hurt about his case getting massacred Hank's boss shows him the office surveillance about Walt Hank contemplates suicide, maybe offs himself Jesse tries to take Walt's family and fuck off Todd tries to kill jesse, hits walt jr instead (pls) Jesse gets away with rest of family Todd makes power moves with Phoenix click, disregards Walt Walt gets M60... So good this season. So many new characters with zero moral value to get mowed down by 7.62 NATO
  17. While BB is good and I recommend it, I don't think the two don't even come close to each other. The Wire was a crime series with unprecedented social and political viewpoints. No one knew about white working class polish community working at the docks in Baltimore. Or how they thrive and how personal conflicts can affect the lives of hundreds/thousands of people. The Wire made a serious effort to display all these various effects and consequences that corruption and crime have on society. The credibly portrayed dope dealing stuff was extra. In that sense Breaking Bad has just been a playground for TV fiction writers. I still think it tried for a while to be some kind of a family/crime hybrid series with conflicting, blatant scenes in each episode trying to appeal strictly to young/male/female audiences. Too bad they're ending it now that they finally made their mind about it.
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