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  1. Bag of dicks everyone
  2. looks sweet! 100yd doesn't sound much for a scope though?
  3. I liked the psycho love blog too. Vamping writers and shit
  4. Norwegians are awesome. Here's the soundtrack to that video http://youtu.be/bK8xoD7COlo
  5. David A Smith is a name that has become synonymous in Sign-Writing and Glass gilding circles, with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors. In this short documentary, we reveal behind the scenes work, techniques and visions that Dave uses when carrying out his passion as a glass embosser - One of the few remaining traditional UK glass artists. See David's Elaborate Victorian Style Mirror completed here: vimeo.com/25587369 Many thanks to Ada Cole for subtitling the film, Subtitles available here: goo.gl/9sORF David A Smith davidadriansmith.com A Film by Danny Cooke dannycooke.co.uk Soundtrack by Tony Higgins (Junior85) freemusicarchive.org/music/junior85/
  6. Here's another nostalgic vid about letterpress Doesn't really touch the subject, but a damn good read: http://www.evesmag.com/oldgreylady.htm
  7. I know it's supposed to be fucked up and be funny that way, but it's still pretty fucked up in an unfunny way
  8. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? been here since 2004
  9. Why not, but perhaps not the common notion of craft as a pastime hobby, knitting socks etc. And it's not like this is supposed to be a picture only thread. With the title "Lettering and other crafts" I'm trying to view lettering from the point of a craft, instead of another form of static, visual imagery. Stuff that you accept and forget, like often happens with art, illustration and photographed graffiti. You see it and move on. You know, someone says "graffiti is art." That's it. The end. You put spray paintings in a gallery, they may be awesome but they're secluded from the original context and lose a lot of spirit. I like Espo a lot, but there's something authentic with sign painting in practice where the text is supposed to look good, pass information and be worn out by sunlight over decades. With or without praise and bravado. Another vimeo vid Then again many recent artists have been using long or difficult, tedious methods as means to give their work an impressive aspect...instead of complex theories or plain virtuosity. In olden days furniture designers were supposed to be able to design, build and fix furniture. They had to know everything about wood, joints, welding, upholstery etc. While respectable designers are still taught some of this stuff, it's not that obvious anymore. Big proportion of design is built around industrial aspects: You buy a cheap chair from ikea and throw it away if it breaks or you have to move. Wooden and metal type was designed size-specifically: 6pt size Helvetica regular had significantly different proportions compared to larger display sizes. This mattered back then, but much was lost in the transition as type went digital. These features are being revived by (underpaid) type enthusiasts today.
  10. "We've been working on this logo for more than a year, and we've been talking about gilding the window for more than two years" In almost any ad agency, design school and art or business institute you will find one person if not whole consensus who laugh at this man. They think ––or better yet, "everyone can see" that he's crazy, simple, old-fashioned, slow. They argue that big companies wouldn't hire him, that he makes very little money compared to his efforts. They will probably die of old age without ever having a clue about what it's all about. Glass gilding by John Downer Skills are something even gifted people have to learn. There are others, post some if you know or discuss. Tattoos, furniture. Did your grandpa build a house with tools he could carry? All that stuff, art or not. I'll try to remember to post here every time I find something.
  11. viperface


  12. I thought this was about white people getting paid picking cotton
  13. This is something US should realize about Mexico when handing out weapons, money, supplies etc. If unstable Mexico actually is a problem for US. Rest assured if government supplies Mexico with ARs, it's not like Armalite gave those rifles for free.
  14. The whole thing seems to boil down to basic supply and demand. There is so much money in the drug trade that conventional words like nation, state, government, police, law, war/peace, friend/enemy etc etc lose their meaning. It's not about ideas or moral anymore, it's logistics, production and opportunism. Perversion of the scenario probably lies somewhere between the idea of criminalization of drug trafficking and uncontrollable reality, on a logistical level. It's gold rush down there.
  15. I'd gladly take any global conspiracy over the realization that everything is just a giant swarming clusterfuck spinning out of control
  16. you all are gonna love this clip http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=51a_1325657650
  17. Iraq PM already pocketed by Iran? http://www.juancole.com/2011/12/iran-and-al-maliki-v-sunni-politicians.html Let us not speculate supplying any islamist commie terrorists in the region.
  18. you gon burn for this http://youtu.be/GxStJM3zNAQ
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