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  1. That's some wild west americana right there! And in Times Square, oh wow!
  2. Mike is followed by DEA and has to resign and leave the job to Todd. It makes sense to Walt who's only interested in money he's losing to Mike. Jesse gets all emo about the dead kid. The jailed people can still drop dimes on Heisenberg, so Walt has to pay them but Todd gets paid less so they're saving money with Mike out of the pic. Sooner or later Hank will find the keylogger and has his whole office torn upside down. Once the mic is found, he'll know Walt is Heisenberg. Unless Skyler breaks down and snitches first. People hate Skyler but I think she's a realistic character that keeps the series from turning into a scarface fantasy egotrip. You can't expect a housewife to turn into some consigliere / Carmela Soprano type just like that. Especially when you think how mad Walt's become. He really doesn't care about his family anymore.
  3. Guess Todd's not a cop then. They probably will be lookin for the kid from quite a large area, but still he disappeared around the same time the truck obstructed train... quite a coincidence. But perhaps the train delay will go unregistered anyway. Quite a risk they took with the truck though, I would've thought the train dudes would have to answer their boss about delays and take down the license plate number etc, fine the company or some shit. At least to have an excuse for the delay.
  4. Ahhh no bullshit in this one! My palms still sweatin'
  5. ^And unless you want the AK just for the classic look, get the proper sights. Like Galil. Rear sight on the receiver cover and so forth
  6. The M60 Walt purchased reminded me of the possible scarface climax he might plan for himself. However, him planning doesn't mean it's going to happen...
  7. Get one that's chambered for twinkies
  8. I'm pretty sure Walt jr. offs himself at some point. Walt mouths off at Jesse, who in turn ragequits and calls junior a gimp retard. Then junior drives off a cliff Yup.
  9. Great episode. Walt is power tripping hard. I know we aren't actually going to see it on the series, but "realistically" if Mike's granddaughter got randomly ran over by a car, he would just kill everyone and fuck off, let his comrades rat him out or whatever, he woudn't care anymore. Walt is putting all the eggs on one basket when it comes to Mike. I just hope Walt doesnt go all crybaby again when everything goes to shit. We've seen that so many times and it's always embarrassing to watch. My guess is Skyler gets an ethical reason to snitch out Walt. Or Junior finally becomes a part of the actual plot. Walt has an urge to let his son know the real baller status his dad has. Once Junior gets the hang of it, shit will most likely collide with fan. For the record, I never blamed the director for fucking up a script that involves two psychotic idiots chasing a fly in a meth lab and open their hearts to each other. Thing is, both Walt and Jesse are anti-heroes, I personally dislike them both very much. I get moments that I would really really like to identify with them, mostly Jesse, but then they start acting all dumb and crazy. It's really hard to watch an episode revolve around just the two loose cannons go apeshit in a claustrophobic environment. at least to me Breaking Bad is at it's best when you see how they interact with the outside world: Threats, families, crazy random mishaps etc. When there's that "anything can happen" feel to it.
  10. On a more positive note, The "Hermanos" episode was my favorite with the mexico flashbacks... I was jumping up and down on my chair watching that last scene.
  11. "the fly" built the characters to a level of such a severe, erratic stupidity that I semi-consciously disregarded the whole episode as a part of the series. Acting was great, but still it was just pain to watch it go nowhere. I mean I KNOW that if an episode happens in one room between two characters, it means the script is all about "building" those characters. It's very obvious, even too much so. Point is, I like my cinema/TV whole and coherent. The fly stood out from the rest as a low-budget disappointment. You can't just disregard larger transitions, other characters or just outdoor scenes... ANY RELIEF from the talking heads. At least if you intend to sell the series on DVD and expect people to enjoy the whole season in one session. Bottle episode or not, it's not an excuse to shit on your own artwork. Besides, you can kill/inacapacitate an idle housefly rather easily by moving your hand very slowly and very carefully towards it and flicking it with your middle finger. Obviously you have to suspend the mid finger against your thumb before moving in. If the target is far away you can use the old rubber band + ruler sniper combo. I actually figured that one myself when I was in 2nd grade. Quite accurate and very deadly. So basically that's why it was so very agonizing for me to watch a whole episode revolve around this demented swatting drivel.
  12. two tic tacs for two escobars. Good doc
  13. I actually wrote 2 hours about how to easily catch a housefly. Because that certain episode was so fucking stupid. I'll go eat some broken glass now
  14. That statue is horrendous
  15. ANGST http://youtu.be/5IuxYZYj7TI ELEPHANT http://vimeo.com/36554386
  16. Point Blank was popular around 95-96
  17. Yes With basic computer skills all you really need to actually learn with indesign is the text tool, how to bring/scale/move pictures and the pages system. page numbers on a master. there you go the rest is cosmetic and made for more professional look. I really should make a messy zine in indesign myself
  18. Word... Italy cleand up a lot of their shitty antics for this tournament and get props for that. I like Spain too but if they win the next world cup it's getting old
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