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  1. Wonder what'll happen there now that the war has been won. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/datablog/interactive/2010/oct/23/wikileaks-iraq-deaths-map
  2. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2011/12/201112816424112535.html
  3. Fox News uses Greek riot footage in context of Russian elections. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=617_1323355164
  4. This year's Top 10 by TIME http://lightbox.time.com/2011/12/07/time-picks-the-top-10-photos-of-the-year/#2 Yuri Kozyrev. Ras Lanuf, Libya. March 11, 2011 Adam Ferguson. Paktika Province, Afghanistan. September 10, 2011 I was patrolling with Charlie Company, 2-28 Infantry, 172nd Infantry Brigade 5 km from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border when we were ambushed. The Captain had just made the call to head back to base when bullets seared the still tree leaves around us. Sergeant Daniel Quintana was shot in the first minute of fighting and as the fighting intensified, then waned, the Army Medics worked tirelessly to stabilize him, but it was a losing battle. This was the first time Charlie Company had seen a one their own injured since being recently deployed to Afghanistan, and it felt like it. Soldiers on the periphery of where the Medics worked on Quintana had wired excited stares focused on the surrounding tree lines that provided cover for their enemy. Closer to the Medics soldiers crouched stunned, some cried, others talked to Quintana hoping to stimulate a fading life. Specialist Michael Miller, age 23 from Melbourne, Florida, sat at the feet of Sergeant Quintana, silent, with a glassy haunted stare. I saw Specialist Miller through the drama and crouched my way around to him. I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned and gazed into my lens I not only saw an image from Afghanistan, but an image that could have been made in Vietnam. His expression wreaked of the same senselessness and confusion, the same futility of a life lost under equivocal circumstances. James Nachtwey. Kesennuma, Japan. March 15, 2011 Pete Souza. Situation Room, White House, Washington. May 1, 2011 (The Bin Laden mission) Wayne Tilcock. University of California, Davis, California. November 18, 2011 Chris Hondros. Misrata, Libya. April 20, 2011 Dominic Nahr. Mogadishu, Somalia. August 9, 2011 Pedro Pardo. Acapulco, Mexico. January 9, 2011 In this picture, we see the relatives of a person who was kidnapped at dawn from a disco in Acapulco and later killed by being thrown from a bridge in the town of La Cima at the entrance of this tourist destination. As a conflict photographer in the war of the drug cartels, I have learned how to be like a doctor when I look at a violent scene, separating my emotions and observing the deed in an objective way in order to come up with a good image that can inform without being morbid or sensational. Stefanie Gordon. Shuttle launch. May 16, 2011 Yuri Kozyrev. Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. February 1, 2011
  5. World needs more photographs like that... Notice the lack of actual desensitizing gore
  6. I'm pretty sure Fox News is a comedy show written by a large group of French postmodernists
  7. viperface


    was this posted? Hawken
  9. Yeah I'll take back that M4 comment
  10. For a show with as generic name as "tactical arms," it has surprisingly little bullshit and "dramatic" repetition for dumbasses. Also seems like dude is pissing all over M4 over the AK and STG technology, no wonder no one ever heard of this show
  11. to the asscrack hand goes http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c8b_1319324238
  12. viperface


    Ah, seems great. thanks.
  13. viperface


    No I haven't, what is it?
  14. viperface


    Oh,thought I was posting on page 9... oh well
  15. viperface


    Dudes, Blade Runner not only is a pivotal movie in science fiction but an important solid movie in itself. Perfect example of story-driven film instead of genre-first, which is the case with nearly all horror flicks. So many just want to make horror before telling a decent story... There are many versions of the film, make sure you see the Final Cut by director Ridley Scott. There's at least one "director's cut" that he had nothing to do with... Sci-fi is just about the only genre I can tolerate and watch for only a couple of awesome scenes. I just saw T:salvation, I thought it was pretty damn good, paid homage to the original storyline and most of the visual/sound effects were "realistic". Only the last scenes inside the cyberdyne complex were sloppy and weak. The scene with the first, injured minigun terminator was just awesome. It would've been great to have more suspense with those big robots roaming around too. The sounds they made were haunting. Lots of the imagery around those fragile T models reminded me of the older comic book covers by Simon Bisley...
  16. IN SOVIET RUSSIA http://youtu.be/Pkx-LGTz2BY
  17. With same logic most of the old gothic churches in Europe were built by aliens. Perhaps the real reason we can't make shit this day and age, is because we're in a constant hurry, have the attention span of 3 year old and measure any human effort with money. Grinding two pieces of granite together for 30 years will leave both pieces unharmed! It had to be diamond lazer cutting aliens!
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