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  1. This thread has some great potential @Mauler5150 fucking rad. 


    Sweet set up with the van mate - if I wasn’t so tied down with kids and responsibilities I would do the same. Being able to go where you like is fucking killer.


    This is sort of in the vain of KIR - I am not sure if Mauler was here when KIR was super active but if not be sure to read that thread. 



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  2. @Deep_RestI have the last 7 that Dave put out - man that was a bummer.


    Same when I heard about Orfn - growing up on the peninsula he was one of the first writers I remember noting like “This dude gets up.”


    Lived in SF during the BKF heyday and Orfn will always be tops in my opinion.

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  3. Finally made it to the gallery……way smaller than I imagined but it was dope for sure. My favorite part of the exhibit was the correspondence with writers sending in flicks…





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  4. @morton yo thats rad bro!!! good for you - I seem to remember when you just started the routine swimming and it seems like you continue to push yourself.



    That said/related note - I swam laps today for the first time ever. With goggles and regular trunks I think I swam for like 25mins, probably did like 15 laps.


    I think I could get into it - definitely low impact and for sure good cardio. 


    My girl pays my gym membership at a premium nice place so switching might be my new cardio routine. 

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  5. coworker and I were just laughing about how difficult it used to be or how desperate you would be for jack material back in the say - jacking to mervyns catalogs, the swimsuit issue, jazzercise tapes haha


    these kids are spoiled

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