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  1. @LUGR dude while I was in the water I was thinking about how the real beast mode is to be able to tread water for hours.


    One of my friends good buddies is a Seal and I figure those motherfuckers must just do insane open ocean drills. 

    @mortondude I feel like I suck pretty bad at freestyle- I have tried breathing on alternating sides w/ 3 strokes and same side with 2 strokes and it seems like 2 is easier but feels hella toy.


    Any pointers on getting a good flow going and learning better technique?

  2. I will say this - I checked out Tiktok at one point.


    The shit that would come up as suggestions clearly related to shit I talked or texted about - not while using the app but while just using my phone. 


    I think Tiktok undoubtedly has the ability to negatively influence people. especially kids/teenagers. 

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