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  1. Chain grocery store homemade joints - meh. 


    It was for the my kid’s birthday- kids love shitty pizza. 


    Having worked at 6 pizzerias during my

    hood career, I laced the pepperoni above and below the cheese. 



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  2. I also think you might find this book interesting. For some reason the way you write at times referencing God leads me to think you can ger behind a manifestation of the god within.


    I am not saying that I am 100% behind the ideas or that I practice kabbalah but I think any wise man studies tools - especially those that can elevate your existence. That is why I got this in the first place.




  3. @Mauler5150 my guy - you have to let the shit go. 


    I suspect your mind will come up with some reason you can’t let it go but truly the only option here is to liberate yourself from the torment you are experiencing by devaluing the actions and thoughts of those who are undeserving.


    Sacraficing yourself as you say will only be a feather in the hat of your tormentors who will declare that “Skywalker was always/is a piece of shit - look at him now….” as they mock you. 

    This essentially would be you continuing to not live up to your potential in order to appease others - who in fact are completely undeserving.


    It would also be a bitch made move - and those of us here are the oontz that keep it real avoid bitch made moves because they are in fact, moves employed by bitch ass motherfuckers.


    My vote is you continue to strive and harness your best capability in order to ride on suckers in full glory. Pull a new bitch, a better one - find a better social circle etc.


    Dont bitch up and compromise your greatness.


    Also - caffeine overdose is so fucked, brings out some craziness when I overindulge. 

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