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  1. @KNIFU that actually doesn’t look that bad my guy especially for a sober living spot
  2. I have started to use a supplemental called MSM powder and the shit seems to be hella helpful. I am a jiu jitsu guy and my joints are generally in pain. Plus being bigger and over 40 - recipe for aches and pains. My cousin who is a lab biologist recommended this product and I even asked my doctor for her thoughts. She said go for it. I have been taking it like 3-4 times a week for a few weeks and my aches and pains have been reduced drastically. It takes so fucking bad - even at only a teaspoon, you need to wash it down with juice or something otherwise its pretty brutal.
  3. my girl made some great chicken parmigiana last week -
  4. Page 28 is doing it wrong fam.
  5. I might try that music thing - I want to read the Dune books before the next movie comes out.
  6. @Ko SprueOne my ADD is hella bad and if there is too much going on around me I literally have a sidebar of thoughts running through my mind as I read. Night time tends to be the best because I am tired but unfortunately that also means it takes me a long time to finish books.
  7. @One Man Banned straight fucking with hella pizza - power posting in this bitch and probably still weighing in at under 2 bills
  8. @nicklesndimes same. In fact, I would go so far as to fight anyone who reps Deviled Eggs.
  9. @mr.yuck so she had big chesticles?
  10. @nicklesndimesBottle Rock in Napa Chili Peppers was the headliner last night which was the only night I was there.
  11. @KILZ FILLZJamiroquai so dope dude These are my last pick ups -
  12. This port-o-potty was the entrance to a bar…..had some cheesy rap spray decor #stillaintdrinkin
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