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  1. @Tails0nE yeah dude - mine is similar as it is from all ends, work, family, finances etc i have a week off in June but thats not much. I think maybe I need to start to regulate how much energy i put into things to avoid burning out. I tend to try and be 100% with 100% of the things I do - then I am hard on myself when I do not live up to every expectation I create.
  2. fat ralphy


    42 gang checking in - no melting into the ether. I am disappoint.
  3. @nicklesndimes that piece is one of the best in this thread. I wish there was a better pic
  4. What is that asian honeys name? Those hoots go crazy!?!
  5. @LUGRthose are fire - I can tell off top that Aunt of yours is probably pretty rad. Anyone else feeling burnt out?
  6. ignore the Fred Flintstone vibe -
  7. I’ve been into this Huji came lately. #boomerhipster
  8. Bro - the screen name didnt ring a bell due to years of substance abuse. But the video of him trolling juggalo brought me right back. Dude was fucking cool- at least on the interwebz. Oontz in its heyday was the shit.
  9. Springer got popped when he was mayor in Cincinnati for paying a hooker via check. On a semi-related note, Richard Bey show was the first fool to do this type of shit. But Jerry made the scrill and became a household name. RIP Legend
  10. On of the homies this AM admitted he used to jack off to the Springer show. Smh. Bruh it was a struggle back in the days.
  11. I tried to follow this dude but I only made it through the 3rd paragraph of the first post. @Mauler5150it seeems like you are having a break man - you should get some help. If you are using anything - take a break dude. Anyone of the oontz aussies in Perth? we may need to send a rescue team……
  12. well @mortonif that aint some boomer 2.0 ass shit to say…..
  13. Salvia the plant maybe - that shit right there is horrible fam.
  14. DAO lurks occasionally bruh - has to, dude is essential oontz.
  15. My girl refers to me as a boomer all the time, she is only 8 months younger than me - but shit like paying with apple watch and a bunch of other shit is mad crazy to me. She has me on all the new shit and I react like Keanu in Bill and Teds whenever I successfully pay for something with my watch or tap to pay.
  16. @Dark_Knight i fucking laughed out loud too. my pops stopped drinking like 3 years ago - i think he is 69 yro now. dude was mostly a shit show his whole life.
  17. Training at the new spot has been solid and I will say that the skills I learned at my old academy have shown that I am on par with others….. The competition and levels are way better at this new school, glad I made the change.
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