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  1. goddamn how you getting all those stats?
  2. @ndv my boy saw him like a month ago in a shitty airport hotel bar - he was also wearing a Rodman shirt that night.
  3. My thoughts on looters is its dumb as fuck to jack up your own neighborhood and independently owned businesses.
  4. So wait - Mauler is sober or St. George Floyd?
  5. I dont use any of those apps - I dont trust them and never have. Full boomer status basically. My girl is all about it. I have talked to enough dudes in jail that say they deliver for me to consider the whole operation hella sus. If its not pizza - Im not getting it delivered. Thats that.
  6. @KILZ FILLZI have been tapped to basically promise to watch out/provide for my j-cat brother if he is still alive after my parents go. Other than that - I am pretty lucky in that my parents are pretty good financially and health wise. That said I will definitely always make sure they are stable and taken care of - I have an apartment behind my house and would definitely consider giving it to them. #oldestoner
  7. @LUGR naw - peasant status
  8. I am shitting at a fancy hotel.
  9. I am at a wedding - always feel like a red headed step child. For one I dont drink and secondly I am not one to small talk or give a fuck. Damn bro, anti-social sorta sucks.
  10. I bring out the wide stance hardware when I do yardwork- cutting down saplings with the hog.
  11. @Schnitzel@Mauler5150 those are accurate- I think it was SpyD is black? Man - hopefully Rage is doing well.
  12. Bidet’s are fire. @Mauler5150 in the US a trap house is usually an abandoned house that a dealer sets up shop in - prime trap house days we’re probably during the crack epidemic. But basically these houses were made often with makeshift barricades and trap doors and shit to aid in the product distribution and safety of the dealership. Most of us in this thread are doing the work ourselves, hence the reference.
  13. @KILZ FILLZ put a little something in the air - its good vibes
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