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  1. Cross post from Vinyl thread - I hope everyone gets to fuck up some slices this weekend.
  2. This is another one I am proud to own - Cornell 5.8.77 This is arguably the GD’s best live performance recorded, if you aren’t sold on the Dead this is a good place to start. Previously this vinyl was hard to come by and priced were second hand (discogs etc) in the high 300-400$ range. They reissued recently and I missed the first drop, asked for notifications and luckily copped the second drop a few days later. Paid $125 which is totally cool considering what the set was going for prior to the reissue.
  3. @KILZ FILLZso I had some time tonight to come through with a couple of things I like from my stash. This Fat Boys joint I have for how cool the whole thing is and of course pizza. I do remember in the mid-late 80s seeing these fat dudes on TV and wondering who are the guys?!? Then they started beat boxing and rhyming and I thought they were so ill. How fucking dope is this vinyl?!
  4. @Mauler5150 haha you have some points on a related note, I forgot I am also fearful of heights, flying etc I guess I generally have anxiety.
  5. Abandonment - or losing the ones I love. Grew up with a dad who didn’t care much and have lost my two greatest friends. I struggle with secure attachment. General shit, probably snakes.
  6. Dope - way to keep this thread going @KILZ FILLZ I will post more often. Copped this today because I dont have a single De La album which is kinda crazy.
  7. Younger strong dude caught me in an arm bar during specific training tonight- first time I have been caught up in a long time. Its hard to kill the ego - man I wish more of you guys trained.
  8. I ended my cardio streak at 60 days after getting sidelined bad with allergies- missed a couple days work. I was pretty down but I literally felt like shit and threw in the towel. Still doing BJJ and lifting like 3-4 times a week. I will keep the cardio up but I am not going to make it a daily requirement.
  9. @Mauler5150 that I can agree with
  10. For the record Fat Ralphy does not condone use of methamphetamine.
  11. yeah I really dug the reboot - whats this about 3D fam? forreal? @KILZ FILLZ
  12. Met the author last month - dude is old as fuck. I need to read more, make it a nightly ritual.
  13. @LUGRdamn thats crazy - cool story but i see how you would have been traumatized for awhile after that. @One Man Banned naw bro we are saving the planet, bees are endangered so we need more people to help sustain. @nicklesndimes I have a secondary honey super - I think I need to wait a bit before I add it to the hive……at least thats what the bee expert dude told me.
  14. @LUGR I have the suit and the gloves - this was a routine open the hive and look in, no gloves and they caught me lackin.
  15. I worked out for like 60 days straight- at least 30 mins cardio and lifted like 4-5 times week, BJJ 1-3 times Then I got completely crippled by allergies this week - missed fucking work days etc. Cali is having a super bloom this year because of all the 2022 El Nino vibes.
  16. @Mauler5150 jesus bro - I completely understand your last post. And I agree completely. I hope you have a good day today brother - make sure to bless us with some pics from Down Under. I think I would like to visit Australia one day.
  17. I buy a colony and drop it in my hive - last year our winter was brutal and as a novice beekeeper I couldn’t sustain the hive. My new bees came last Saturday and I released the Queen into the hive yesterday. This is my first sting of the year and way worse than last year.
  18. RIP Bros I got smacked the fuck down by alleriges - like for real this shit has me feeling worse than covid the last time. Broke my 55+ day cardio streak, missed work and all that. Fuck.
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