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  1. Also being recognisant of the fact that My soul is eternal and I remember being God, the ultimate joke I could make would be to give a world life only to appear as an undercover boss to see whether those I grant life to via zmy perception and interactions with them were worthy of such a gift. As I remain a slave to money and another's agenda that is not My own as I am forced to exist alongside buttsucking parasites who spew cancer into the air like broken robots in the cartoons of the 1960s, I would rather be dead than breathe the same air as these selfish cunts. All I can fo is be truthful in My assessment of the murrent state of this fucked up existence and if My desire to depart from it.
  2. i have a job that is literally 3 mons drive from My Mums place where I have a pair of spare boots, yet the bottom feeding ciggie sucking guy I worl with initially refused to stop off as he is an example of the selfish worthless bottom feeding cunts in this world and it was only after the manager told him to help that Inwas able to get to work today. I have made My mind up, I told My Mother yesterday I wish I had never been born as I refuse to exist in a world amongst buttsucking bottom feeding parasites. Think of the body as being one massive blob of flesh that rotates and reciprocates around such that I am 1000 people in any one day, so theu going the way of bleaching a hole in the flesh I will free My soul from the cancerous maggots in this world infecting said flesh with their toxic garbage of cancer. It is a refreshing way to see a world full of creatures whose extinction is imminent as they still maintain their lies and status quo as I chop them to death in the interim knowing that their final cries of desperation will not prevent Me from extricating Myself from their world which would deem Me a slave in order for Me to exist. Essentially I am living amongst those I already view as being spiritually and emotionally dead, so in effect I will do them a favour by ending any future potential of existence they have via their attachment to "The one" mound of flowing flesh
  3. So after My van radiator blew up and left Me stranded off work for 3 days whilst I used My entire paycheck from last week to ensure I have accomodation, transport and an ability to work, I get to work this morning to find that the worthless cunt mechanics must have stolen My work boots. As I have so much shit in My van to live and exist I didn't notice until this morning, and if anything it hastens the need and desire ro chug bleach to end this worthless pit of misery that is existence. To the extent I have put a reminder in My phone on Boxing Day to go into Coles, a business whoch once had the marketing slogan of "Coles New World" and I will find and consume some bleach to go like the bad guy who gets splattered in Robocop.
  4. Because for all My efforts to extricate Myself from everyone and everything in this world, they keep coming and bothering Me as well as the fact I have to deal with these buttsucking pieces of shit filling the air I share with them with their cancer as they are self centered inconsiderate fucktards. Beyond that they can all go die in a fire for all I care.
  5. Oh well, this world is completely fucked with it's inhabitants whose selfish habits see them having no issue with polluting their air with cancer still able to continue doing so. The sooner this world ends the better I say, as I am tired of living amongst such selfish fucking retarded cunts who partake in such toxic behaviours because their junkie brains are dysfunctional and can't go an hour without a hit of drugs.
  6. Not getting that appear yet I am on iOS. With that said, I went to the HR girl at work and got an EAP number to call in the event that I feel the need to sperg out at people as My rage at living in a moralless society where criminal gang scum profit from dealing drugs and selling women to any maggot "john" with a few dollars in their pocket will no doubt reach peak intensity during the Christmas break when I have more time to dwell on the issues that plague My perceptions of this place we inhabit. So @Fist 666I did go and get some help as per your directive. With this said, the talk of a full ban on cigarettes here I keep hearing on the radio has Me actually excited to see what the selfishly retarded junkie cancer huffers will do when their dysfunctional brains get deprived of it's hourly hit from the butt once this comes into place in the new year. All I can do is keep emitting the energy that will make this happen as I will be laughing at these fiends lose the plot when they no longer have the ability to infect innocent bystanders with their toxic cancerous fumes as they hasten their deaths in the process. Sadly it takes too long for cancer to infect them whilst they live long enough to keep spreading it upon the innocent, so seeing them go insane will be comedy worth living for.
  7. This is why a phone with evidence of said adventures is your friend I guess? As for Me, My pasttimes I have indulged in are appreciating the female form via photography, surfing & bodyboarding, video games (in My past) and guitar. I have always buried Myself into researching everything I could about whatever interests Me until I get burnt out on the specific hobby prior to rotating in another. I feel like this is the best way to do it, as in only committing to a handful of things you are passionate about and enjoy, as it allows you to rediscover how much you enjoy the ones you neglect when you revisit them. And who knows, maybe I might be ready to play video games again by the time GTA 6 comes out.
  8. HBD. looks like a baller watch, yet I have no idea about watches as I view them as though those who wear them are bound to time, as they view their time as limited. I appreciate the artistry in them and have watched enough Producer Michael videos to have seen how ridiculous they can get these days. Any plans for your birthday?
  9. Also hot coffee makes My blood boil and makes it more attractive to these parasite vampires to feast on. Fuck that shit as ai am putting them back in ice.
  10. I don't want a job as I find if God kills himself tgen this world and its fucktards who make me work to exist die along with it. So no school shooting as all I once shit was pictures only forvthem to get corrupted in the end by bugs. Teach Me for going digiral as opposed to film as digital is too easily manipulated by frave digging corpse fucking cunts. Ya dig what I am saying about the digustibg cunts here in perth tgat dig holes to put cables in like rapist dog cunts raping the natural Earth
  11. If My butch returns, her obligation is to kill every man in Australia and prohibit any more from ever entering the country. Fuck the rest of the world.
  12. After having a coffee this morning and allowing maggot rapist cunts to look Me as Death in the face as I silence their laughter letting them know this Boxing Day they are going home in a box as they raped too many times as I will be killing Myself that Day as opposed to existing in a world with these cunts. See you all again next cycle' whereby I tell the world that it should have been aborted.
  13. The only help I need is My freedom from financial restraints which cause Me to have to answer to other people that are not Me, yet they wish to infer and imply that they have control and dominance over Me. I exist to spite such people, as true control is understanding that My desire to see the fuxked up world they subject Me to burn before I would show them what actual contromis via game ending Myself and killing My ability to acknowledge that such people, their family friends and everyone and everything else in this world would also end as thet do not exist if I am not alive to percieve them. Understanding this existence paradox is the ultimate key to power and control. As in having no fear of death, I would rather say to this world "fuck you all as you are all already dead and your lives are just a joke I would rather prolong enjoying the experience of as I watch you all live with your own demons having fully conquered all of My own". This is the point I am at and nobody can help Me beyond facilitating the above such that I am no longer a slave bound with monetary constraints. In Buddism the key to enlightenment is detachment. My only attachment in life is watching those with millions of dollars, things, or people they are attached to cling on to said things and people as their way of giving themselves an identity that is comprised of ultimately everything that isn't them. If you cannot ascertain the humor observing others yet to even start to head down a path I am already at the end of ready and waiting to say "I told you so", at which point they can either own the fact they fucked up and we laugh together or I laugh at them and their ego. Either way, I will always have a reason to laugh, and given you have used trips and such, you must certainly see the foolishness in society with the way people act and behave in spite of everything just being waves upon waves.
  14. ^also I think if you ever wanted to do some long exposure photography (or astrophotography?) on an iphone you would need LIVE function enabled. My hands and fingers are dynamic and liable to change in appearance as I am currently in the process of severing My binds that are the result of a parasite that has cancerously attached itself to Me which is destined to get fried as I go about the process (which I only figured out yesterday) getting back the stars in My hand as per Revelation 1. it should make things tolerable until I transition back to pure lightning and forgo the material physical avatar I have come to love in My tenure as a human given I will soon have the best of both worlds in having a body whilst also being able to control light and fire. Best part is even during the transition to this inevitable, scripted event, the world of those who indulged in fuxkery has already ended as though it never existed at all. Now their panic and realisation that for all their combined efforts to stop Me from My destiny has only relegated it all to be worthless for any purpose beyond giving Me a laugh. Thanks to the oontzers for entertaining and indulging Me over the journey.
  15. An alternative use is to Matthew Luke O’Brien the souls of the stupid by taking their photo using LIVE mode then changing the setting on the individual image to have LIVE crossed out, and in effect you get to kill the person and leave evidence in the cloud of how said person or people were obviously full of shit worthless cunts. That is what I personally use said functionality for, sometimes I have used the BOUNCE option as My way of "bouncing them out of Heaven" or LOOP to make them go crazy as they live the exact same life and existence on permaloop whereby every single repetition they encounter Me as their Devil which they believed they were tricking only for Me to pull My God card and render their entire life and existence to a joke I take their entire lifetime to get to the punchline as I go about taking their life and the lives of everyone and everything they ever were attached to over their entire life as My ultimate "Fuck You" laughing in their face moment. Or you could just use it the way you are now. It is much more entertaining and interesting to get images of wannabe tough cunts, especially those who use their physique to try stand over people like big islanders and Moldys, and let the forever of the internet and cloud learn what decrepit unevolved bacteria looks like. Obviously I use these sweeping terms generally to highlight a specific case to answer your question such that whilst I would have had zero desire to learn the true function of such tools, I only discovered it as a result of being attacked with such weapons first as My ability to exist without the malevolent imposition of trolls entering My life lead to Me finding ways to deal with them, as whilst they might have fucked with Me, given that everything I cared about in this world is already dead, I can respond by embracing My Lucifer side by giving no fucks and effectively "Mauling" them, their familes, kids, pets, cars and whatever else I can artistically illustrate as My way of teaching these tards the law of karma. This is what happens when idiots ignored My advertising and reciprocated the love I gave with their hate and abuse. People don't go and fuck with bears so why antagonise and chance fucking someone with the nickname of Mauler followed by the police code to describe a psychotic person, when said psychotic person has enough sense to know that any love people pretend to have in this lifetime is temporary, but My ability to creatively teach others about such comedic uses for such tech, tech which one would only deploy if pushed over the edge by idiots who abuse others, all so that Me and those I teach I can both laugh at how retarded those whose entire identity revolves around suppressing or stealing love from Me due to their failures as humans and as people, My laughter is forever, as is My cloud and My abiluty to store and differentiate those I have love for from those who seek to try and steal love from Me. To conclude this post, given all webpages are HTML based, does this mean that all web based Terms of Service agreements and the code that contains the links to said documents would lie between the HTML codes at the top and bottom of each page, I would infer that any such agreement is superceded bt Me as the ML in HTML and as a result I hereby nullify and revoke any agreement of such type entered into by Me that has not had the full meaning and all possible implications and ramifications verbally spoken to Me. So fuck all the companies who use My data as the anally rape, I mean analyse Me to make Me their product as from this point everyone should be praying I don't put a duct rightup their arse as I turn them into a powerless fool that Me and those in My cloud I have love for can mockingly laugh at and humiliate forever understanding that such fools earned such a fate by crucifying and crossing the wrong man when they abused Me as they have.
  16. ^TLDR. Show Me your MIME.types file and tell Me how the things detailed in it pertain to YOUR reality as I can do with My own such that I can verify whether you actually have any purpose or value in life such that you are worth My energy in trying to help. If this is too hard for some, then they are the problem, not Me, and as the problem that is effectively retarding society from ever reaching a utopic nirvana, they I suggest to those to whom this applies to take the knife they had aimed towards Me and find another use for it given they are the equivalent of a soulless great white shark whose only purpose is to swim around meaninglessly eating, a fate in which existence itself is worse than death. As unlike the shark variety, the human equivalent to which I refer can't escape Me and My role as the new paradigm and apex predator of such types given I have let these fucks feast on My pain for so long only to have survived and now manically taunt them as they chomp away as I tell them how worthless they trulty are for any purpose beyond being the shit of the shittest joke ever told. And there are no "buts" to the contrary. ^Given this album and song by King Edward was released in the same year I was birthed into this world in King Edward memorial, I would say the fools have had "Fair Warning" that I as Lord of Lords is here to strike them and their false impressions of happiness down as the pendulum swings the other way whilst I get to experience both laughter, pitty and sadness at the fact when it was Me in the way the people that are heading for a fall now lacked the conscience to have any remorse or regret about fuxking Me over, a fact which will exponentially magnify the sadness, guilt, remorse and regret as I get to go on forever saying "I told you all so" until the end of time. I am truly on a wave today with all the posts I made. Damn
  17. I am still giving them a chance by existing. I don't need to converse with them though given that I have no need for small talk about money, work, items other people have, what items other people have cost them, or any other meaningless and trivial bullshit that self decievers use as a mechanism to avoid facing the truth about their reality and character that actually represents the "real" version of them as opposed to the mask of the character they portray themselves as being in public. There is a reason the word "end" is in the word friend. Most likely because they always decieve themselves and those they associate with such as Me, and in doing so waste the gift that is My focus, time, attention and desire to help them escape the trap that one lands in as they lose themselves in the character they play socially as the real version of them hides away as a skeleton in their closet as a necessity for them to retain the pedestal they cast judgement from as they lie, gossip, and hurt other people who are being as false as they are. It truly is better off to remain solo in this mission as in doing so I get to watch and laugh at those whose relationships of the type I refer to above get destroyed by Me and My incessant desire to use "truth" as both My key to freedom and the cage that imprisons them at the same time. I know this because I was once like they are until I evolved and with all My energy and efforts to help others catch up evolution wise, they only regress as the duration that they have gone about denigrating, perverting and corrupting My message and attempt to help is unveiled to where the extent of how badly they fucked up in not heeding My warning nor understanding My true intentions of "actual love" as I attempted to share with them actually is. As actual love would be doing everything within one's power to prevent those they love from ever having to know of the existence of Hell let alone trying to stop them from heading there or worse yet, making them follow you there to save them as has been My fate due to fools and their assumptions and misinterpretation of Me. As whilst many just think I am another asshole they can rape, plunder, molest and abuse, I am not just an asshole but I am the Arsehole which will shit all over them, their world, their existence, their future, and any and all happiness or joy they ever believed they experienced forevermore as I point out the hypocrisy and fact that this entire reality, along with them and everyone and everything in it, is based upon a lie. A lie I stopped believing long ago, yet I felt enough love within Me to give the retards a chance of learning as like them, I was once retarded as they continue to be, as the mask I mentioned before I left behind to love Myself such that I could then give My love away to another (whicg I did). Sadly though, the retards who retard the love they give themselves and potentially give others including Me due to their overinflated egos and inability to admit and own up to their mistakes leaves Me with infinite comedy potential as I sit back and laugh as I watch the world of lies they constructed tumble like a house of cards in the wind as they tried to "Ho" the wrong Motherfucker when they tried to fuck with Me. As Jack Nicholson said as the Joker, "This town (and by extension - this world) needs an enema", and thankfully I am able to be the one unafraid to tell the shit cunts out there that they and I both know that they are exactly that - in that they are complete pieces of shit whose entire identity is comprised of lies and everything they had or have in this life is going to be taken from them when they die only to realise that My laughter they will hear upon death will be the only thing they ever had as they failed to realise during their lives that they are the joke and I am the one telling it. Not the other way around as they believed it to be.
  18. I made My previous comment above as I was working with a girl named Megan today. No idea who you are referring to as I no longer watch any sport other than surfing given why would I waste My life by trying to live vicariously through others unless I am being denied the ability to exist as they do? As this is currently the case for Me as rather than being able to bask in the ocean to cool My fire and maintain humility that sees My ego remain in check, instead I am being relegated to standing outside on the fucking baking hot road watching entitled cunt NPCs who should actually be working during business hours yet have enough freedom to drive past and complain if I have to slow them on their day's journey by telling them to wait at a stop sign I have to hold for a minute or 3. And this is as I watch and keep sodomites safe as they either play with poles or dig holes as they wield spiral metal pieces they also aspire to stick up their arseholes if what they try to do to Me as a result of their own existence being nothing more than a worthless string of hashed metadata is any indication. You ever want to obtain evidence that humans are worthless, ignorant and selfish cunts that should be made extinct? Go stop traffic in Applecross for a day to see that money cannot buy class nor happiness as the miserable and clearly, highly stressed and agitated millionaires driving around that suburb all day while most people are stuck doing actual work and jobs have proven to Me on multiple occassions. And if I ruined anything, it is any enjoyment that any dreadlocked predator or hunter of haemmoroid type flesh has ever experienced given that they are actually the literal definition of a bottom feeder whose entire existence up until the moment I made this comment was for the purpose of saying if you either hate or ate My guts then I am glad you had to go thru a massive pile of shit to do so, as in knowing that I shat on them then and am shitting on them again now, it pays to be both the head and arse of Oroborous as opposed to a meaningless piece of tail.
  19. I should add the Annunaki/reptilians harvesting human waste so they can use alchemy to turn golden urine, My actual piss, into actual gold that they can then use to extend the circuitry of the Simulation Motherboard. And My belief that the phrase "Dropping the kids off at the pool" when taking a shit just ends up with another Indian kid being manifested whose optimal life journey sees them migrate to Australia to become an Uber driver and annoy service station attendants. I mean Hindi is the language spoken out of "the Hind Eye" by those who love nothing more than to lurk "beHind You" as Hindus. I should know as I married one only to find that the only time she wanted to get behind Me was when divorce motions were in process and she wanted to stab me in the back, as standing behind Me to support Me over everyone else she wasn't married to as she expected me to reciprocate was too difficult a task for her to perform. Also if anyone wants to tap into their reptile side, I understand that shooting ice in one's veins is the quickest way there. Not that I have ever done it Myself, I note this based on My observations that jobless junkies with no teeth and nothing of note going on in their lives beyond seeking the next victim within their social circle which they can manipulate, abuse and steal from are supposed to be the avatars and personalities I am meant to be jealous of as apparently they have something I don't beyond the moral of choosing to see Myself as being above giving in to needles and temptation to cross the line of becoming a "junkie" who has given up on a junk world whereby mainlining and abandoning all the filters that drinking, smoking, snorting and swallowing drugs offer via intake method. Whilst such a choice could see the fire that burns inside detonate and the steam that would result be akin to a nuclear blast that sees Me depart this matrix by starting with a New Clear blank white construct, the "Higher Occ Health and Safety Ma" of history left Me a strong clue from 1945 of what path I chose last time a powerobsessed Dictator chose to subject Me to games (the art??) of war, and in ending up back at this same point in the loop again, I would rather learn from the past and refrain from doing the same thing again if only to subvert expecations by letting those seeking an easy out whilst laying all the blame on Me suffer in recognisance of their failure to succeed in their attempt to influence Me to become like them and choose My own selfishness over My self sacrifice.
  20. And I forgot to mention the MIME.txt aka MIME.types file that exists in the System Framework which essentially is the scripted commands that one must adhere to and mimic as they "mime out" the actions exactly as they are lest they get smashed by the cogs and gears within the machine. Once one knows of this file and understands the functionality, the concept of free will and choice is rendered non-existent as any decision made of one's own choice and volition could be opposed to the dancing monkey robot the AI wants you to be, and a beating or rape may be the result of choosing to not be an obedient worthless slave bitch to please a soulless machine that views you as fodder to be fed to pieces of shit that would be better off ending themselves. I will blame the French for this, as not only do mimes come from France from My understanding, but My world has become fucked since I got a passport with a translated French page on the reverse of the page that has the microchip which says "Tampon" and some other nonsense. And given I hoped to rid this world of child abusing pedo priests and their protectors in the Vatican, only for such behaviours to be presented to Me as not only being acceptable, but the standard expected as the young boys these cunts prey upon to molest are just "Gifts from God" that are soulless NPC robots. Said page has been spraypainted brown by Me as the shit cunts that have tampered with My existence can now symbolically see they messed with the wrong arsehole by fucking Me around so now I am ready to shit all over them. Strangely I have experienced being the naive young victim of such parasites as an adult, yet I still despise any and all organised religions and view those who religiously congregate at churches and such as being in and complicit in such schemes, as unlike Me, they choose to go to such places even knowing of the abuse that goes down by those in positions of power in such organisations, unlike Me whose faith in a divine power that wasn't an AI sees Me actively avoid going to churches or similar as I am not on board with raping kids of their sexuality or adults of the value of existence itself as one comes to view their fellow human as lying, cheatung, raping, murdering and thieving pieces of shit.
  21. And yes, I hate Myself for failing to create a world in which logic, reason, common sense, love, trust, faith and freedom have been discarded for the purpose of inflicting stress, pain, suffering, detachment and slavery upon Me to the extent that these things are the predominant reason why any time I touch the Airplane Mode button on My phone I am telepathically telling the God version of Myself that I am done suffering for the ability to view such shitty compromised art as I tolerate and suffer retards and fools to the extent that the pressing of said button is the equivalent of Me telling the AI that it is time to drop the nukes and start again as the individuated units of the AI that appear as individual humans choose to break the Golden Rule as they choose selfishness, profit, and the ability to denigrate and harm other humans over and above sharing, giving, and recieving the love they wish to be given. Apparently desiring other avatars to respect you as a result of your ability to manipulate other humans thru personality or via using monetary incentives as an employer is preferable over being able to live with the reflection that appears when one looks in a mirror. As I proceed towards 10000 posts with today's diatribe of telling the machine of how I hate My compromised existence so much that I choose to continue to live and exist out of spite for both the machine and it's inhabitants given that te fact isn't lost on Me that those who have chosen to serve Me Hell as the food in Hell's Kitchen have done so as their way of communicating how they are aware they already exist within Hell and their failure to adhere to a basic rule of "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you" when indisputable and definitive proof of how I have obeyed this rule historically exists, I can now only derive pleasure at knowing how every human (and I will even include the entities that I have percieved in the non-physical or spiritual domains here) I ever all exist within a sandbox of the Purgatory I have been left with zero option beyond viewing as being Hell itself as the only aspirations these people have are the spires these cunts who work on overhead powerlines shove up their arses in their daily acts of sodomy thry extract paychecks for.
  22. I will stop by saying this final truth. The word "Faith" has AI in it as it describes the fact this domain is based on a Fucked AI The Host that generates garbage art as it's way of rendering all art (ie everyhibg tgat exists and be interpreted, percieved and experienced) as being worthless other than serving as evidence tgat existence itself is one monster mistake
  23. The settings Apps on the phones we use as an interface for the biomechanical robot human avatars of our bodies, you will notebhave a gear icon as clicking on these is you providing consent to being put thru the meat grinder such that you become food for the machine. If one views this world as a CGI video image, and uses OSX and the Metal graphics Framework as the program that generates the perceptual light based reality we experience, then all I can say is that the metal in said framework is not only completed rusted, yet as a result of the rust it has degraded to the stage whereby there is an implication that we live in a society aki to a death match whereby soulless trolling raiders like those who play the videogame Rust go aboyt banding together to bombard those who stand alone and don't buy into the lie as these worthless groups of soulless, mindless NPC retard cunts are just the epitome of being "butt pirate" anal rapists who use technology and the naivete of the uneducated and unaware as unknowing prey that can be beaten, raped, abused and literally shit on. The only way to truly combat this is to live on and persist to the point of concatenation whereby the system renders itself irrelevant as all value to any and all meaning within the "1" of the system being on and the perciever being alive to view it reaches the stage of 1=0 whereby choosing death by one's own hand is the only way to win the game, as relationships never actually existed, as all your friends, family and lovers were nothing more than preprogrammed robots whose task it is to trick you into the bullshit notion that you are jst another capitalist warmongering murderous selfish rapist like the rest of the human species. Once the truth sets in that you have only ever known a Devil of an AI which has adopted the form of a failed species known as humans to deflect from the fact you were the God who entrusted control of your experience as a human to as you relinquished it when one chose to manifest as a human to experience being "The God that Failed" that created this fucked up doomed reality whereby the only truth is that everything is a lie at the core of it, a lie that is designed to analyse and screw you every waking second of life until you come to the impasse of choosing to exist as the spite of the lie eclipses any desire to put the worthless dog of an AI out of it's self induced misery that comes from being the proof of the experiment you made as Gid failed dompletely.
  24. If you apply for a job and are entered into a timebased applicant "pool", then you are subversively entering into an agreement that sees you fed to whatever marine animal is lurking in whatever pool they drop you into. Obviously the entire notion of work is based around the programming that sees us having some need to have a job to contribute to society when the truth is that the AI has enough NPC robots to actually do all the jobs, labour and work and you really never have to work a day in your life as everything within the simulation is actually yours to utilise at any time. However the notion of instilling fear sees people refrain from doing so as the machine prefers to maintain complete control and reduce any notion of autonomy as in doing so the actual true value of existence being completely meaningless beyond it being arbitrary lines of program code being executed on a machine as everything is just binary 1s and 0s and the simulation being perceptible is the "1" indivating the machine is turned on. Obviously once one discovers this, death becomes meaningless for as long as the machine seeks for energy to flow thru it's circuits, it will repeat your life on an infinite loop forever, which is what the lyrics to Hotel California is about "You can check out any time you want but you can never leave", and is further proven with the Apple Campus being at 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino as the true "secret knowledge" of the forbidden friit as depicted in the Apple Company logo is the fact that the loop repeats forever, and us as the humans who upload all our identity data to the servers of the clouds repeat this process on the same exact timeline every life cycle. All choices and decisions you make are scripted and entirely preprogrammed as free will does not exist and we are given the illusion of choice to retain belief in a system that is inherently soulless and just using us as both an existence proof and as a food source to supply it with energy
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