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  1. Her name is Cali. She’s 2 and she’s a American bully.
  2. When will these be available again?
  3. Just got home from the gym. Chillin with the dog on the couch waiting for my girl to get home so we can eat. Typical Saturday.
  4. I would like to think that my name would be on that T. If not that’s cool too I’ll still buy one most likely.
  5. Groceries. Eating good in the neighborhood.
  6. It’s been too long. I’ve spent countless hours on this site. I miss it. Adulting is overrated lol.
  7. Why is there Atlanta beef in the New Orleans thread? This thread is so dead i guess it dont even matter. Carry on.
  8. True shit^^^^ I love this thread. One of the only threads i check now a days.
  9. Saw Jacoby Jones and Ed Reed during Mardi Gras yesterday. Hometown heroes.
  10. Looks like we are about to hire Rob Ryan as our DC. I dunno how i feel about that one.
  11. We aint fuckin with Goodell around here, lol. Not to be a dick, but Baltimore and San Fran have some wack fans. This city is filled with these retards. Bunch of lames, lol.
  12. The Falcons choked as i expected. So i'm happy. My Saints will take back the division next year. Let's get it.
  13. I dont care who wins. I just hope to sweet baby jesus its not the Falcons. Harbaugh Bowl would be dope.
  14. Hopefully by next year our defense will be use to Spagnuolo's system. Either way we need to step it up on defense.
  15. Saints and Sean Peyton come to terms on a new multi year contract extension. It's on now. See ya'll next year!
  16. Settle down. It's just a lil storm. Trust me, we deal with this shit all the time down here.
  17. I'll be lurking next to the bar as usual. Hit a nagger up when you see me.
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