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  1. Last nights game sucked. The only reason i watched it was to see the Cowgirls lose. Thats 1 of maybe 9 games they win this year. Have fun watching Tony Homo choke....again.
  2. This Dallas/Oakland game is boooooring yo. Its painful to watch.
  3. Hall of Fame game tomorrow! P.S. Fuck Roger Goodell
  4. Bump everyone in this crew. And bump new Raels!
  5. Nosey and Goes Cant forget about all that older TM stuff up there.
  6. i use to have a grip of those madballs as a kid
  7. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? 2002 - present
  8. Football is a what have you done for me lately kinda sport. Stop living in the past. Who Dat.
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