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Everything posted by Grimes

  1. bump having more flicks than bullshit talk.
  2. Atlanta's pissing me off. The Astro's are doing their part. Man up!
  3. That game sucked and Santana Moss only got me 7 points in Fantasy. Good thing i had already won.
  4. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. Can someone reup to link to Cole World?
  5. I had it closed the last time. Niggas are stupid though. How hard is it to post flicks and shut the fuck up.
  6. shrimp po-boy with hush puppies on the side
  7. some crawfish pasta that was off the fuckin chain
  8. This nigga DAO will argue with anyone about anything. He's always right, i thought you guys knew this? :rolleyes:
  9. baked lemon pepper chicken, mashed potatos, and stir fry veggies
  10. Gerald Walker - The Other Half Of Letting Go
  11. homemade fried chicken, potato salad and mixed veggies.
  12. just got a fresh low taper fade. i love my barbershop. jokes and jokes and jokes.
  13. No offense, but the Bears will never be good with Jay Cutler at QB.
  14. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. Ya'll need to get on that Gerald Walker. http://www.datpiff.com/Gerald-Walker-The-Other-Half-Of-Letting-Go-mixtape.263016.html
  15. fried fish, crab cakes and french fries
  16. word. keep the chit chat to a minimum.
  17. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA Fuck Bear Grylls. Follow this dude with a camera.
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