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  1. I'm currently in a specialized grad course, because I took an undergrad in such a broad field of study with only a very minimal area of narrow focus. I thought about options, stayed local to cut down living expenses and kept a part time job on the side to help out where I could. Problem is my degree qualified me for a very basic entry level position and it's a dime a dozen degree. I don't have much on my transcripts that stands out GPA wise apart from minoring and being bilingual in another language. This grad program that I'm in now I applied too because it was something that I could find very appealing and interesting and would not have me working a 9-5 cubicle life. Unfortunately had to take out student loans and even then, it has barely been enough for me to get by, living in a major city is definitely a financial burden. However, the qualifications and field experience I'll have upon completion should position myself in a nice spot where I'll will be comfortable at least for 5-10 years to pay off debt and live comfortably.
  2. twinky the kid still had the best stories hahaha
  3. currently trying to pump out a situational analysis assignment for one of my classes. absolute bullshit.
  4. twiter @mcparland91 ig @amcp91
  5. DAO was hilarious. The your day in pies thread was always a good time. the movies thread, the book thread, the quote and jokes threads. drawing a giant pedo bear on draw ball i remember contributing towards. the skateboard thread was always entertaining too. I recall somebody getting a blow job from sexas or something in one thread too but I cant remember entirely.
  6. since joining which is think was circa 08 ish, graduated highschool Moved back to the homeland of Canada having grown up in Europe. went to university graduated with a business degree watched my family fall apart moved to a big city on my own painting took a back seat. battled depression/suicide entered a post graduate program told a girl i loved her broke a heart and had my heart broken still skate crazy to think looking back give or take 10 years that this site is still kicking and I'm still seeing names that i recognize from then.
  7. I used to love this site, my first time back in a while and I'm surprised I still know my password. always enjoyed the ch0 threads and how close knit it felt.regardless of age gender or where in the world people are. Gonna try to keep up with it.
  8. Compete like you're the champion, train like you're the contender.
  9. Whats good y'all. Been on a little hiatus, nice to see not much has changed in my absence. Anyways, figured i'd name this thread something useful in order to hide my selfish intentions in that essentially how it works is you need hellp with something a fellow oontzer might be a specialist in said category and they hook you up, props ensue. For example, Suits is starting up tonight and because I'm located in a non US location, I do not have the USA network, anybody got a hook up for a live stream? Feels good to be back yo.
  10. false. tpbm remembers when I used to be a regular in here
  11. Re: kony 2012 There's a bigger message than just going after one guerilla leader in Africa, they're trying to prove that if people yell loud enough eventually somebody with authority will chime in. Take it for what it's worth, but give buddy props for how fast he's spreading this message.
  12. happy birthday sizetags! hope the grind out in vegas is treating you well
  13. just copped these, quickstrike model, couldn't pass em up, green denim with navy denim trim, too sick
  14. whats the difference between a pair of jeans and an ethiopian? There's only one fly on a pair of jeans
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