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  1. It's gonna be a good game. It's our home opener and the Dome will be loud as fuck! Good luck trying to hear in the huddle.
  2. I feel you on the baby face issue. I look much younger than i actually am.
  3. I'm a few months away from being 30. Not exactly where i wanted to be in life, but that's cool. I do alright for myself. I'm single and have no kids. I pretty much do what i want when i want. It's nice.
  4. Maybe now we can keep it to strictly flicks and less snitchery and overall fuck boy shit.
  5. S'all good swamp. And yea you might wanna drop him Boats.
  6. He is expected to miss at least six weeks after sustaining a hip flexor injury.
  7. We play the Bears next week in the Dome. Sorry dude, but we won't be losing that game. And that last play was ridiculous. We should have ran the play action pass!
  8. Our defense was non existent tonight. That fumble by Colston early on put us in a bad spot. It's all good tho. We lost by a TD to the defending SUPER BOWL CHAMPS in their house. We will still win our division. Lot of football left to play. WHO DAT!
  9. Those last 2 Rime joints up there were done all left handed.
  10. Waiting impatiently for this Saints/Packers game. 7:30 can't get here fast enough.
  11. Dude's a fool. I just laugh at him. Don't care enough to complain.
  12. You sound mad. I cant speak for other SEC schools, but LSU doesnt pay their athletes. And don't act like the SEC is a bunch of illiterates. That's the majority of college football period. And fuck Ohio State!
  13. SEC will always dominate college football. We are the only "super" conference. Geaux Tigers!
  14. Weezy hasn't lived in New Orleans for years. And you're right. We have no hills. Welcome to the flats. Sorry for going off topic, but all this chit chat about Tony Hawk is gay.
  15. laying in bed with fucking heartburn. these tums need to do their job.
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