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  1. when you start a thread like this, it's a lead by example situation START YOUR THREAD WITH FLICKS YOU FUCK TARD...
  2. hahaha, nasty ass crack head bitches are foul. :yuck:
  3. looks to me like it says demok
  4. haha, this thread is funny. good for getting a laugh.
  5. i saw that, i came on here to see if anyone else saw it.
  6. 99 oranges is my shit. tastes like orange tic-tacs and it gets you drunk quick. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  7. i'm drunk right now, and i smoked some herb. but i had to walk my friend home while he was all hammered, but all in all it was a good night. CHEERS!
  8. isn't part of this flick on a comedy central commercial, because i saw part of the P and the O and beside it it said read, just like this flick above. maybe i'm just slow.
  9. :haha: this thread is funny as hell. i'd say either use deodorant or take advantage and smell it while you beat your meat.
  10. i remember being Krook and just posting random stupid shit all the time just to get my Member Status up. wow, those were the good old days. i wish there was a way to get my name back. :(
  11. shit i wish 55 degrees was cold to me. cold up here in PA is like 3 degrees. 55 degrees is when i start busting out the shorts.
  12. damn, i wish i had a digi cam. i'd have fun participating. :crap:
  13. ohh, damn. :shook: then i take my comment back. any more information on this "experimentation" to figure out whether she's man or woman? and does anyone know how this rumour got started?
  14. whoever changed the name to this thread deserves to be worshiped. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  15. China is FUGLY as hell. but CIARA, there is no way she could be a man, not to ruin your joke but you definatly googled those images and posted them to be a retard. ciara would get it soooo hard :love2:
  16. i agree. it's a fucking T.V. Show, get the dick out your ass and recognize.
  17. that's what i didn't get. i had no clue what it was for. thank you.
  18. Reese's, sour patch kids, snickers, and twix are my personal favorite's.
  19. it's cool and all, but i don't understand what it's for, if someone doesn't mind, please inform me.
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