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  1. when you start a thread like this, it's a lead by example situation START YOUR THREAD WITH FLICKS YOU FUCK TARD...
  2. hahaha, nasty ass crack head bitches are foul. :yuck:
  3. looks to me like it says demok
  4. haha, this thread is funny. good for getting a laugh.
  5. i saw that, i came on here to see if anyone else saw it.
  6. 99 oranges is my shit. tastes like orange tic-tacs and it gets you drunk quick. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  7. i'm drunk right now, and i smoked some herb. but i had to walk my friend home while he was all hammered, but all in all it was a good night. CHEERS!
  8. isn't part of this flick on a comedy central commercial, because i saw part of the P and the O and beside it it said read, just like this flick above. maybe i'm just slow.
  9. :haha: this thread is funny as hell. i'd say either use deodorant or take advantage and smell it while you beat your meat.
  10. i remember being Krook and just posting random stupid shit all the time just to get my Member Status up. wow, those were the good old days. i wish there was a way to get my name back. :(
  11. shit i wish 55 degrees was cold to me. cold up here in PA is like 3 degrees. 55 degrees is when i start busting out the shorts.
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