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  1. hey i was wondering if the markers on the marsh canister are real and if they are if they are any good. thanks
  2. yeah i did it, it works pretty well and makes some real cool colors. i just wish i could oput the pentel back together. thanks
  3. hey i was just wondering if marsh and pentel white ink would mix. i dont want to waste any marsh if it doesn't work oh yeah and its blue marsh if that makes any difference
  4. this is what you need no specific brand just a chalkboard eraser with felt on the bottome.
  5. anyone know if this stuff is anygood?
  6. im almost positive that you cant buy one without the ink. and a house sponge could work but would you be replacing the ink too?
  7. i dont know yet im doin a test or two to see how good it is overall.
  8. the marker is a poster paint marker from H.E.B. and the ink i just had laying around in the garage. it stains alright but im going to mix some garvey or something that will stain real hard. im still looking for a real good ink, any suggestions?
  9. oh and i also put some testors ink in there that made it a real tight color
  10. check this out i just made it and it writes like a dream.
  11. hey i tried to post some flicks but it didn't work. do you hit browse or whatever then add this attachment?
  12. to laugh at crappy stuff, i mean what about that wak, it sucks
  13. i know this will probably get closed, but does anyone have any flicks of terrible graffiti in bad places (or just bad graffiti or graffiti in bad places).
  14. i am using rustoleum, yeah i know i wont get really pure lines but my lines are so unclean
  15. i am using ny thins
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