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  1. it says without the nonsense can we please keep it that way
  2. i know how to do that hence the post at the beginning of this thread, it was posted before it ever brought up its search lessons. shit pops up all the time, i cant remember all the shit i would like and dont want to search every day for it. outside of the cholo thread im always droppin shit for oontzers, if steve soto shit was out there im sure i would have been shown out by now to make me look stupid so that argument is invalid to me.
  3. ya well "This old man is taking it easy this year, a bunch of good food and beers and maybe a movie." -from my original post and thats exactly what im doing with the addition of epic lulz all morning, couldnt ask for more
  4. actually he was talkin shit on me you fucking idiot
  5. no i just quit a shitty job to move on to better shit, the title and first post of the thread did come off that way but i explained it clearly by the third or fourth post
  6. As of six hours and 26 minutes ago i turned dirty two. :bday: This old man is taking it easy this year, a bunch of good food and beers and maybe a movie.
  7. Sorry Lex its over, at least for me. Its just the internet, the people who do know me on here knows anything he can say about me isnt who I am so there is no reason to let it bother me anymore.
  8. Lets just squash this shit, alright? Its annoying the fuck outta me and Im sure its annoying other people on here and I dont wanna do that. Im taking you off ignore, now lets move on.....
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