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  1. .808ph8.


    ^starcraft, nba jam, capcom vs snk 2. das wasup!
  2. snap! imma paint that fa sheezy
  3. i forgive you because you said "misteak" that was awesome
  4. DC4 and EV are homeys, we paint and drink beers together. EV is actually who i have learned the most from, they have been kind enough to paint with me. shit, quest asked if he could be my teacher. trained in the school of EV
  5. i want some above simples :love2:
  6. yanno, if you dont think you are any good then you shouldnt be posting on this thread either. cuz this thread used to be good. but now its invaded by newjacks. but thats why i dont post stuff, just look
  7. by my homey CEAP. how you like that C?
  8. nope. you work with what you got homie. pens won't make you a better artist. experience does. you gotta put in the time and sketch, paint, and eat some majical paint skill pills. au ryte. Quoted post [/b] p.s. you gotta get your sticker game up too!
  9. means style got hawaiian-borrowed
  10. theres a difference between HAWAII food and HAWAIIAN FOOD. hawaii food = chicken katsu, spam musubi, etc. hawaiian food = lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, kalua pig, poi end of discussion
  11. yeah seep you really should change your name =/ i've seen CEAP write SEEP before
  12. yeah thats a nice mean bite, but its good that you are looking at the island for inspiration, rather than some msk head like most do
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