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  1. I have a bunch of pics sitting in my photos doing nothing. Some have been posted here, some have not. I’m going on start posting them here to get things going. Just doing my part.
  2. Try? you mean try to drink more? Or try for the first time?
  3. Dear NOES still have your dog? cil
  4. Dogs need loving too. For real, I am willing to believe that there are many girls that experimented sexually with their dogs before. A dog that licks your ass while your getting head, probably is licking her when no one is around. Just sayin....
  5. I met him in Afghanistan.
  6. Mam’s spouting knowledge back in 2001
  7. Looking at old channel 0 posts, and this one mad me laugh. Inter webs confusing people with Tetris.
  8. Don’t make me go and stab you
  9. From an old children’s book I found.
  10. Fist has an impressive array. Maybe he posts some of his on here?
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