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  1. Because you want to be in this situation?
  2. @misteravenyou got to find this pic on the server!
  3. I think @devilishbecame a mom and put a lot of stuff behind her. Don’t think we will see her again.
  4. What are you doing with all those legos?
  5. ? do you mean boned? Or are you referring to bon bon’s?
  6. Haha. Pretty hard to get banned here.
  7. I am a fa of Boston. But I dig all that old stuff.
  8. Trump seems like he would be easy to troll. He is really sensitive, replies to everything, and cares that people don’t want to hang around him. His is kids seem the same.
  9. Three things -A pic of you and Cope, with him pointing at something. -A pic of you and Banksy, in action, painting a girl and a flower. -A pic of you and Shepard Fairly, cuddling in bed, like that John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed pic.
  10. I have been throwing up stickers at most places I go. Put up a on during a trip to Puerto Vallarta in April.
  11. Can I get your instagram? I have selfies that I want to try to sell you.
  12. Me too. I read the book too, around the same time. Books were always scarier to me.
  13. He just didn’t want some scandal shit happening years later. Like “20 years ago, you wrote on 12ozprophet.com, that you wanted to fuck the fattest bitch you can find at a 24hours KFC and pee in her butt. Then kick her out with a bag of skittles and bus fare. Is that true?” Really think about some of the stuff we all wrote on here over the years, and how it would look if we got any kind of public popularity. We are all kinds of fucked up.
  14. True no bones broke, despite all the fights I have been in. TPBM wasn’t alive when Atari came out
  15. Find that sub! Let’s pick a crappy writer, and all of us go on there, and praise him. Stuff like “Spit is the greatest writer ever!” And “did you see when Spit went over Ramon? Dude is a King!” confuse and piss them off at the same time.
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