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  1. About to get up. Have a doc appointment this morning.
  2. Don’t flip any tables. Nail them to the floor.
  3. I really can’t deal with two of his threads.
  4. Your right! He must fight the forum now. Only rational thing to do .
  5. Ok. you: I felt threatened and acted off instinct breh, He was holding my shoulder n shit police: but did they do anything threatening? you: he gay complimented me ?????? stay out of jail
  6. A guy compliments you, and you assault him? And then assault the staff and other people coming to help? I mean you do you, but be prepared to get arrested over this. Regardless of my views on police (don’t like them at all), I just don’t see them not taking notice of 5-6 people being assaulted. Gym probably had cameras too. Or this didn’t really happen.
  7. Wifey and kids are making tye dyed shirts in the backyard.
  8. Where I live, there is very little graff. The reason for that is because they have made it easy to get a felony, and they give you 2-5 years for a single thing. Not much crime, so they track down marker tags, and charge them with over $1000. Which so happens to be the damage amount to be a felony.
  9. I saw them in the wild yesterday too.
  10. I’m sure there is a rational reason for this. On a totally separate note, I am going to have to be gone from here for awhile. Anyone have a couch I can crash on? But we can’t exchange names or numbers, and I will always have gloves on. My hands get cold, and it has nothing to do with finger prints.
  11. The head getting knocked off was kind of crazy and unexpected. Towards the end, I figured everyone was done for.
  12. It was kind of an underhanded dig on you life low point. Lolz for the rest of us.
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