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  1. I’m here for the gangbang. wait... There are rules now???? When the fuck did that happen?? Damn it. No more gang bangs. I’m out. Let me know when you losers are going to have fun again. lame.
  2. I guess I struck a nerve with you and your incel post, since you want to downvote everything I am saying. hahaha or is it that I am right?
  3. not a bad idea, if you are looking to get laid. but that is not the girl you have babies with. wrap it up.
  4. Why am I bothering myself on here?
  5. But that is what was being said before us.
  6. But you think sitting at home, wondering why you can’t get girls is better? Or playing dumb ass games, and talking to the far girl first is going to get you anything? come on.
  7. I’m about to make a square piece of wood, into a circle piece of wood.
  8. You got to get from out of behind the screens and not play any games. Go talk to girls, and stop thinking there is a trick to it. It you are faking the funk, girls know that. So stop being creepy. there ain’t no Chad’s or any other nonsense like that. It is just you being a loser if you don’t catch some girl ever now and then. Old wisdom from a guy I use to know many years ago. Go ask 100 girls straight up if they want to fuck, at least one of them will say yes. same thing goes for girls you want to have a relationship with. Just go and talk to them and be upfront. Fuck all that playing hard to get shit.
  9. Cil coming out of nowhere as the old guy with some knowledge. and a reference from a movie we all should know, but the new jacks are to stubborn to know. Pacman I still don’t see any pee in the buttz. just sayin....
  10. How’d you get a copy of my text history? You CIA? hahaha
  11. So no oontz on the butthole? sounds like “I have a girlfriend in another city, that you wouldn’t know.” cil = old school oontz flavor
  12. Unless you write oontz on her butt, I don’t believe you.
  13. Incel shit right here Might as well cry yourself to sleep with this strategy.
  14. For real, it sounds like a bunch of dudes crying they can’t get 10 level women, and other dudes telling them to ignore them, or Chad’s will get them. fucking incel’s this is part of the reason the oontz is dead. not a single whip it out and pee in the buttz post sad
  15. I dipped out from the oontz for awhile. Came back and clicked on this thread first, because it was near the top of ch 0. I’m not down with red pill incels, which some of you sound like. you want to meet girls, go out and meet girls. Simple. talk to them. some are flaky some are pieces of shit some are hot or not stop looking into it so much. just to say hi and ask them if they want to fuck. problem solved for real, some of you sound like red pill incels
  16. Taking a shit at the zoo. All this walking around, and the heat, made me drop a load.
  17. Eating pizza with the kids putting up oontz stickers
  18. I know a sure fire way to get guaranteed success, hire these guys:
  19. My third cat and one of my dogs, chilling on the bed with me.
  20. False only because I can’t remember the last time someone asked me for a drink at a bar. I go to a lot of bars, and was a bartender for awhile, and women here just don’t do that. “Buy your own drink, cunt” TPBM Once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
  21. I’ve always wanted to know whose face that actually is? Is that really DAO?
  22. Haha don’t be scared of strong women. They have feelings too.
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