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Woke definitely isn't a hard R. When conservatives, or the Fox news types like in the example above use it, they are 100% using it as an insult, but the insult isn't based on race.


The term may have originally been used to self-describe black people that held a very specific world view, but by the time conservative white people started using it, it specifically described people that subscribe to 21st century neoliberal ideologies based on victimhood status, and inclusivity.


In some cases it can be kind of racists when a white person becomes upset that for example, an established fictional character that was originally white is changed into a black character. Racists are often very triggered by that, but with that said if they're using "woke" it's meaning is still based on the ideology of the author/artist, as opposed to a racist slur used to describe the character itself.


It's definitely not a racially based insult like a hard-R most definitely is. For example, even a hard core racist wouldn't refer to a black person wearing a MAGA hat, that they dislike, as "woke" Racists, conservatives, and even moderates use the term "woke" to describe everyone that wears a BLM t-shirt, waves a pride flag, insists on preferred pronouns, or using the terms "cisgendered" or "ableist" as woke, regardless of that persons racial, gender, or sexual orientation based identity.

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