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Top Posters In This Topic

christ, no one is defending the cops (well im not) but sometimes shit happens and people get shot up. and SOMETIMES its justified regardless how much you hate a particular group involved. all im saying is its so tired and cliche to be that cool person to hate the cops and taking part in protests cuz they are sooo aware and conscious. with that said, i hate 98% of all police but you dont see me throwing up my hands in rage or screaming outloud marching around. its not changing shit and your just going to get yours white guy with dreads having ass arrested...


yo earl.. 11 shots, other cop shooting thread br0! this is the black guy one!



If this is directed at me then you obviously didnt read my entire post as I clearly stated what you said in a more articulated way.


So I suppose its ''tired'' and ''cliche'' to get umad/concerned about whats going on in the world, and our country with the authorities. I agree the ''Fuck the police maaaan'' kids are retarted, tired, and stupid. But having a genuine concern for incidents and and enviroment that is quickly becoming what could be seen as Neo-Police state is something I see as being important. maby if a few more people had been concerned about the authorities actions in 1935 Germany, maby shit wouldnt turned out a little diffrent.


Im not throwing my hands out, im not marching, im too lazy for all that shit. I just come on here to debate and make my opinion heard just like you fools.


I am a white guy, but no dreads. And yeah the 11 shots was Forsit's scummy friend.

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Its all good, no umad on my part either just wanted to state my position.


It is a tricky thing, its natural atleast I believe becuse it feels instinctful in me to resent those of authority and power, and I believe thats a good thing.


They are right in some situations, and im not saying they dont shoot people who deserve it one way or another, my focus is more of damning the ones that ruin the idea of the whole structure of law and order by shooting an unarmed person. That shits frowned upon in any culture or civilization.


And ive said, if either of those clowns did in fact pull guns and shoot at the Po, then they got what was expected

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