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i bet he had a gun in his ankle holster... another justified cop killing i guess. where are all the devils advocates???

he popped off and tossed the pistol is the part not on the video?

whats crazy is how pissed off all the blacks were but nothing popped off.

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Top Posters In This Topic

thats what i said, one of the first links had that info... its just another reason to "protest" and stand for something or the angry mob to yell at cops.

what shocks me still is how irate the mob was in the initial shooting scene video and no one got yoked up by cops for disorderly or some shit. the cops were letting everyone get rather close and taunt the officers and hang out... where im at blacks or not if there is a shooting your not wilding out or getting that close...

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some clarification that doesn't require you to watch youtube:



Another splendid example of the American police state. Three different videos report to capture the aftermath of the police brutality.


The videos shown here, reportedly show the San Francisco police shooting a non-resisting man in back and while laying face down in the street. The teenager in the video was lethally wounded after being shot 5 times after the police reportedly chased him down for not paying a $2 bus fare.


The Police claim this man had a gun which still has not been found and eyewitnesses at the scene say the official story coming from the police is full of lies.




i said it before, fuck the police

i'll say it again fuck the police

and fuck you naive idiots, in any thread, defending them. it might be justified once in awhile, but they gun people down for no reason constantly. there are at least 5 police shootings in my city every year and they are rarely justifiable. we've even had corrections officers kill people in their cells. go ahead though, live in that black and white world, where the explanation is always simple, and what's right is what's right

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the protesters were acting like they knew he had a gun. but didnt give a shit, bc they just wanted to protest


he was a person of intrest in a murder case, that was a 19 year old, 7 week pregnant girl. and he was on parole for raping a minor (probably consensual though).


so if he didnt have a gun its still fucked up. but it wasnt exactly some fuckin random dude, that was runnin over a $2 bus fare either.

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dude runs when cops tried to question him bout some fare $$


he pulls out a gun to either shoot at the cops or toss it, but when doing so, he shoots himself, hits a main artery, eventually bleeds to death.


cops hear the gunshot, shoot back.


someone in the crowd see's the gun on the floor, picks it up, and disapears into the crowd.


the bullet that the coroner pulled out of the kid doesnt match police issued gun bullets.


kid has a long rap sheet. including a main suspect in another state for the shooting death of a pregnant female.

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Its just funny about all those who believe everything they read and hear.


That goes both ways and can be diverted at the FTP side as well as the Pig friendly delegation.

Why did this analyze take 5 days to come out with this report?


Just becuse the paper which is goverment media/propoganda portrays this kid as a piece of shit, dosent make it any less relevant that the cops shoot unarmed people and get away with it on a daily basis.


If this dude is a murder suspect of a pregnant bitch, that dosent mean hes guilty. same thing with the ''rape'' charge, it could of been a DAO fanatasy where a 19 smashes a 17 and is deemed a sex offender. That being said, if he did in fact kill somoene regardless of who it is, or if he raped someone and or both then im fucking glad he got his ass shot.


If he did have a gun, (which hasnt been recovered yet even with the large amount of video rolling, and police on the scene not to mention witnesses and a reward.) and he fired on police first, then they did the right thing by wasteing this punk.


Call me a skeptic or whatever, but I dont believe shit im told from anything affiliated with goverment, law enforcement sources and definatly not in a matter such as a few officers letting a couple shots off into someone.


None of us will really ever know unless a complete video is realeased so like everyone else ill have my opinion off of speculation and whats availible. Even if they ''retrieve'' the gun I still dont know how I feel about this other than the video which dosent show much other than a bleeding man laying on the ground unarmed.


And Symbols of course always on point, im with you chica.

Fuck the cops, and all that defend them. You can have your law and order, ill worry about myself

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I'm shady of the news, and not particularly a big fan of cops or the state of the justice system in general, but I will say that IF this kid is a repeat offender, had a gun, shot at the cops while running away, than that was the path he chose. He just lost at his own game. If you want to be a criminal and start a gun fight, than you are playing the game of life or death. If you were a cop, or had a gun on you, and someone started shooting at you (on purpose or accidentally) you'd probably do the same things those cops did. The only difference is they have a badge and supposedly stand for justice and liberty and all that bullshit, but underneath all of that they are still human beings with an instinct to live. Yes, 11 shots is kind of much, but it was two cops so that can be divided and it doesn't come out looking like a scene from Terminator 2 or Die Hard.


So as much as I don't trust the cops most of the time, don't like the justice system most of the time, and hate our media, I still can't help but think "If this kid did pop one off near some cops, than what does he expect?"


It's the fucking law of the West people. If he didn't do anything, wasn't a fucking criminal, and was just running with no gun and no shots and they shot him, then it would be a different story. But seeing that there was gun play involved, a previous criminal record, and street beat cops that were scared for their lives --it all makes sense that it ended this way.


So yeah, I'm changing my tone on how I originally came into this thread. I was ignorant to most of the story then.


Fuck the police but also fuck hood rats who want to walk around strapped shooting at people.

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christ, no one is defending the cops (well im not) but sometimes shit happens and people get shot up. and SOMETIMES its justified regardless how much you hate a particular group involved. all im saying is its so tired and cliche to be that cool person to hate the cops and taking part in protests cuz they are sooo aware and conscious. with that said, i hate 98% of all police but you dont see me throwing up my hands in rage or screaming outloud marching around. its not changing shit and your just going to get yours white guy with dreads having ass arrested...


yo earl.. 11 shots, other cop shooting thread br0! this is the black guy one!

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