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IOU vs. L.A.


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So part photo dump, part learning process and part inspiration to learn about the place I live:




This is acceptable at most "real" taco trucks. Especially the ones in or around DTLA, just don't be complete ass about it. The fusion new school ones aren't too cool. Well depends on crowd and location.


Sometimes dinner and a movie. Obviously look for trucks with big crowds.


Now for some random flicks:







Why? Because that's the Bank of America from the North Hollywood shootout. After seeing a documentary about I walked all the areas around where cops were getting shot up and all that. Can't believe nobody except the bank robbers. Never knew I lived so close to this spot.

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More randomness:



See a lot of these in Hollywood.


Sound advice.


Franklin Village has some cool buildings.


12oz will be sued shortly for me posting this.



Went into to work one night to find this waiting for me. Nothing but the best for me.


You don't need arrows when you're this dope.


Only good after drinking to be honest.


Only if...

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Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It is good. I've tried a couple different things here and will keep going back, even though its hella far. Victory and Tampa for the residents.


Chicago Dog. Not sure how its supposed to taste, but this was damn good and the bowl of chili was real nice as well. The people are super nice as well.

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Counterpoint bookstore on Franklin in Hollywood. Super dope shop. Records as well. I've got at least 7 or 8 books from them in the last month. Including that Dondi White joint. They have a lot of collectible stuff as well. I LOVE used bookstores.








Mural right next to the Capitol building. Big thing for writers here is to burn murals. Can't say I agree with this practice. At all.

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A few from a show called The Layup. Was a cool show with a good vibe, unlike a lot of L.A. shows. Freight writers are breed of their own. Met a fellow oontzer there who promptly hooked me up with some mags and took my black book to be done up by his crew. Thanks again 12oz. I tend not to talk to random graff cats, but because of 12oz you get a screening process somewhat so its all good. Word.


This is from around where the show was. Kind of an inside joke.


Some of what I got that night: Three STD mags, sticks, etc...

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Dope idea IOU, always nice seeing cities that I more than likely wont be able to visit for years!!


I might contribute with a UK thread at some point but then I kinda need to get around the UK a bit more.


always awesome seeing the "realness" of a city, not just the touristy bullshit.


might try with a Florida thread...


cool & interesting pics IOU.... looking forward to seeing more


Thanks Decy. Would be dope to see a UK flick thread. Travel threads fucking rule, but I thought it might be cool to get a view from someone who is there.


Thanks Grasp, there is a lot more I'll be adding and updating with as well as some older flicks I have.


Thanks as well Theo.

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One "good" about a recession is places like this become more common.


I will NOT give out locations if I don't know about you or have someone who will vouch for you. Legal walls yes, but otherwise you might be SOL.

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Classic diner just across from Chinatown. Haven't tried it but I'll let y'all know.


You see this a lot, especially among the Russian Armenians.


After the abrupt cancellation of their show, some of the bears stopped caring.

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If you happen to be in West Hollywood and wanna do something not gay related, stop off at the Surly Goat just west was of Fairfax. Another one of those bars giving a fuck about good beer at decent prices.


Featured beer of the night. The anniversary version was fucking awesome.


After a few, you really wish that they had live goats to fight.


After said dranking is done, go across the street to Los Tacos and complete the night. The food is good to boot.

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Scion has been doing these FREE monthly events with some of the heaviest hitters in Detroit techno and house. I pretty much got see just about all the cats I've missed over the years. But I'm a fan of the venue its held at.


And some video.

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